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Party Photos: Cocktails in Toronto

At Supermarket, February 15, 2005

Posted February 25, 2005

We personally think a bar called Supermarket should involve passed trays of toothpicked Mallomars and Brach's candy accompanied by shots of Yoo-Hoo—but until that time, our colleagues up North will have to make do with its extra delicious Asian fare and yummy cocktail standards.

Photographs by Christos Grivas.

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Graphic designer Carol Splett, art director Barb Glaser, and freelance marketing manager Tracy Seki.'s Chris Cunnington and journalist Michelle Mann.

Jonathan Fleming, freelancer Paul Lima, writer and editor Mara Gulens, and Kaplan Media Group's Yossi Kaplan.

Mediabistro co-hosts: Sam Hiyate and Sufia Lodhi.

Creative director Craig Goodill and Culture Creatives president Andrika Boshyk.

Freelancer Jason Fargo with publicist Gillian Moody.

Brad Hunter of Ireland on Sunday, freelancer Liz Guccione, photographer Savita Patil, and writer Jim Kelly.

Manulife Financial editor Pearce Bannon with advertising guru Neil Gunner.

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