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Party Photos: Cocktails in New York City

At Movida, June 21, 2005

Posted July 22, 2005

Newsweek, meet EW. Reuters, you've met The New Yorker before, right? Oh, and there's Essence! And Fortune! That's exactly how it went down at our recent editorial staff party at Movida.

Photographs by Eric Green.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Dual-action Laurel: New Yorker editorial assistant Laurel Maury and mb founder Laurel Touby.

Newsweek reporters Vanessa Juanarez and Sarah Childress with Star magazine research associate Darren Ratner.

SOHO Publishing EIC Cary Pierson, AAA New York web editor David Flores, and Soap Opera Digest feature writer Elaine Flores.

Photographer David Neff and ESPN editor LZ Granderson.

Parenting asst. research editor Jessica Cumberbatch, Beauty editorial assistant Nykia Cumberbatch, and Westchester Jewish Chronicle associate editor Raheli Millman.

FishbowlNY's Rachel Sklar, BlackBook editor in chief Aaron Hicklin, and WNYC associate producer Illya Marritz.

New York Post reporter Bill Hoffmann and HNW Inc. managing editor Daniel Eisenbud.

Entertainment Weekly: correspondent Jennifer Armstrong and reporter Paul Katz.

Essence duo book editor Patrik Bass and fashion/beauty editorial assistant Bridgette Bartlett.

A sporting ESPN pair: senior editor Scott Burton and general editor Nicole Blades.

Author Mike Evans, IFQ marketing editor Renata Lorenc, photographer Sabrina Fendrik, and IFQ writer Briege McGarrity.

IFQ market editor Renata Lorenc and Shape senior associate editor Gabrielle Gayagoy.

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