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How to Be Your Own Publicist How to Be Your Own Publicist
Branding experts reveal five ways to market your best product -- yourself.
By Vicki Salemi, April 24, 2014


How to Break Into Fashion PR
Industry vets reveal how to find the right fit as a fashion publicist or consultant.
By Patrick Coffee, February 13, 2014
12 Tips on Fixing Your Brand's Bad Reputation
Get quick fixes and long-term solutions to your company's image issues.
By Fred Godlash, February 3, 2014
How to Score an Internship and Launch a Career in Sports PR
Industry pros, including an ESPN vet, reveal how to land an all-important internship and kick off a sports PR career.
By Patrick Coffee, January 29, 2014
7 Holiday Pitching Tips for PR Pros
Enhance your media campaign with these words of advice.
By Fred Godlash, November 25, 2013
How to Make Pinterest Work for Your Brand
Whether you're peddling products or selling services, this social network can be lucrative for all types of businesses.
By Jessica Blair Howell, April 19, 2013
5 Ways to Improve Your Company's Internal PR
PR pros outline a step-by-step guide for communicating the good, the bad and the ugly to employees.
By Jessica Blair Howell, August 14, 2012
The Do's and Don'ts of Running Social Media Promotions
Lock in a loyal band of followers with these proven rules of engagement.
By Jennifer Pullinger, April 2, 2012
10 Ways to Make YouTube Work for Your Brand
PR experts reveal how to rack up viewers and build a brand presence on the king of all video portals.
By Jessica Howell, February 27, 2012
How To Pitch for PR: B5 Media
Publicists should jumpstart conversations across all five blogs with product pitches tied to unusual story angles.
By Jessica Howell, November 22, 2011
PR, Perfected: How to Bounce Back from Negative Publicity
Our experts debate the "no such thing as bad publicity" adage and point to four key tactics for handling negative press.
By Jessica Howell, August 29, 2011
PR, Perfected: Which to Pitch: Traditional vs. New Media
Should you shoot for a WSJ write-up or a linked blogger mention? PR experts reveal the answer.
By Jessica Howell, June 13, 2011
How To Pitch For PR: Smart Luxury Travel
Keep editors updated on all things new in luxury travel to score PR real estate in this recently revamped pub.
By Rani Long, May 26, 2011
How To Pitch For PR: SmartMoney
On the money PR pitches targeting the sophisticated investor are wanted at this finance title.
By Aria Hughes, May 22, 2011
How To Pitch For PR: Every Day With Rachael Ray
The editors at this redesigned mag want publicists to keep it simple when submitting food, travel and craft queries.
By Rani Long, May 19, 2011
PR, Perfected: Should Your Client Be on Foursquare?
Consider these five parameters before putting a client on this location-based social media platform.
By Jessica Howell, May 17, 2011
PR, Perfected: Should Your Client Be On Groupon?
Four factors publicists should evaluate when considering their clients for this group buying site.
By Jessica Howell, May 10, 2011
PR, Perfected: How to Build (and Keep) Facebook Fans
Get serious about increasing your "likes" with engaging subjects and giveaways.
By Jessica Howell, March 8, 2011
How To Pitch For PR:
Editors at this food site crave PR submissions that cover unorthodox food fare, new products and cooking trends.
By Rani Long, February 22, 2011
PR, Perfected: 3 Ways To Revive Your Press Release
From pared-down to pumped-up, publicists share three strategies for taking your press release to the next level and securing some serious media attention.
By Jessica Howell, November 2, 2010
PR, Perfected: Does Your Brand Strategy Measure Up?
Forget 'buzz.' Deliver the real-time stats your client wants to see with these tactics for tracking and translating your brand's initiatives.
By Jessica Howell, October 12, 2010
PR, Perfected: Coach C-Suite Execs for the Spotlight
Ensure your C-suite clients are well-equipped to hold their own behind the podium, under the spotlight, or at in-house presentations.
By Jessica Howell, August 16, 2010
PR, Perfected: Map Out Your Social Media Policy
Sharpen the lines between professional and personal engagement for your employees with these fundamentals for crafting a solid social media policy.
By Jessica Howell, July 20, 2010
PR, Perfected: Protecting Your Brand Online
Online engagement can be as beneficial as it can be risky for a brand, so heed these PR pros' advice about avoiding hackers and preserving consumer trust.
By Jessica Howell, April 27, 2010
PR, Perfected: Infuse Your PR Strategy with Social Media
Seamlessly integrate social media into your PR plan with these real-time tactics for forging consumer interaction and putting your best brand forward.
By Jessica Howell, March 16, 2010
PR, Perfected: Work Your Way to the Top of a Source List
Make the press come to you with these strategies for forming solid relationships with journalists and positioning yourself as a go-to source.
By Saptosa Foster, February 23, 2010
PR, Perfected: Attract Top Travel Clients
Land first-class clientele in the travel and tourism industry with PR pointers on finding a niche, boosting visibility, and maximizing any budget.
By Jessica Howell, January 11, 2010
PR, Perfected: The Launch Event
From evite etiquette to perfect party venues, PR practitioners share tips for preparing and pulling off a successful launch event.
By Saptosa Foster, December 15, 2009
PR, Perfected: Making The Video
Harness Web video to strengthen your client's brand or alleviate crisis situations with these guidelines from PR practitioners.
By Lin Grensing-Pophal, November 23, 2009
PR, Perfected: Crisis Communication: What Should Have Happened
Experts dissect recent communications blunders and offer proactive PR solutions for handling potential problems.
By Whitney McKnight, July 27, 2009
PR, Perfected: Pitch Like A Journalist
This TV news pro has seen every story pitch imaginable, and his advice will help your release stand out in an inbox full of pitches.
By Mark Macias, March 9, 2009
PR, Perfected: Media Training for Journalists
Parlay journalistic know-how into expert on-camera or public speaking appearances with actionable advice from media coaches.
By Whitney McKnight, March 3, 2009
PR, Perfected: Green Your Company's Image
Seize the opportunity to better the planet and your business with the right initiatives for going green.
By Jessica Howell, January 6, 2009
PR, Perfected: How To Get Corrections/Retractions
Set the record straight with these tested tactics for amending a media mistake.
By Whitney McKnight, December 15, 2008
PR, Perfected: Goof-Proof Interview Guidance
Avoid a media misstep by 'constantly evaluating what you're being asked' in an interview to successfully convey your message.
By Whitney McKnight, November 11, 2008
PR, Perfected: How to Interview Around A Handler
If you can't get unrestricted access to your source, learn to work with, not against, a handler to score the interview you really want.
By Whitney McKnight, November 10, 2008
PR, Perfected: Pitch Your Way Into a Job
Looking for work? Run your job search like a PR campaign to land the position you deserve.
By Whitney McKnight, October 28, 2008
PR Perfected: Pitfalls and Payoffs of Stunt PR
A PR stunt can go from dazzling to damaging, so learn how to attract the right kind of attention.
By Whitney McKnight, September 16, 2008
PR, Perfected: Managing Client Expectations
Letting your clients know what to expect from a PR campaign will foster better relationships with them.
By Whitney McKnight, June 18, 2008
PR, Perfected: Crisis Management
PR vets discuss the art of transforming not-so-good news into not-so-much news.
By Whitney McKnight, May 19, 2008
PR, Perfected: Pitching Bloggers
Our expert helps you break your client into the brave new world of the blogosphere.
By Natalie Bovis Nelsen, May 5, 2008
PR, Perfected: The TV Pitch
Edit and package your pitch like a TV producer to snag an on-air spot.
By Joe Ciarallo, April 8, 2008
PR, Perfected: The Email Pitch
PR pros and journos offer keys to crafting the ideal email pitch.
By Joe Ciarallo, March 17, 2008