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Bitch Box
Your Rottenest Stories and Finest Whines

Who among us doesn't like to kvetch? And who especially doesn't love a gossipy, insidery tale of media mismanagement and office woe? Welcome to the Bitch Box, where we regularly serve you highly caffeinated shots of Schadenfreude to help get you through your day. Histrionic big-shot editor cried in your lap? Publisher fired you by email? Famous novelist seen streaking through the park? It's time to share with the group!

Send submissions to Please include your name and daytime telephone number, even if you want your name withheld.

Latest Story

The Enfants Terribles of Publishing
One editor wonders why all the interns around seem to be flakes and space cadets.

More Bitch Box

Dear Mr. Employer
What to do when the media job market feels like nuclear winter?

Modern Bride's Unhappy Marriage
After Primedia dumped the title, it got hitched to Condé Nast. But it hasn't been a white wedding. "If there were actually jobs out there," gripes an insider, "everyone on the masthead would be gone faster than you can say, 'I do.'"

The Case of the Disappearing Editor
You pitch. They bite. Then they fall off the face of the earth. What's up with that?

Goodbye Wired, Hello Thighmaster!
After the glory of a major-mag editorship, an editor worries: Will she be forgotten?

Portnoy's Complaint
Calling the unemployment line: a guilt trip for faux freelancers.

Oxygen Sports, Out of Breath
An Oxygen insider blows off some steam, as Oxygen Sports is "ditched for Xena."

Dog Days at Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart encourages "positive self-talk" after laying off 40 staffers.

"America's Finest News Source"?
An editor finds a juicy story lead in... The Onion.