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  Scott Kramer
Professional/Personal Overview
  I'm an award-winning freelance writer based in Carlsbad, Calif. Former senior editor of GOLF Magazine, I write about golf equipment/instruction/travel, as well as about technology, lifestyle, hockey, wine, travel, computing, electronic gadgets, and organizing solutions. I've also done loads of copywriting since 2004. Regardless of the venue or topic, I take great pride in producing professional copy tailored to the reader, in a punctual and timely manner. I've never missed a deadline! Since becoming a full-time freelancer, I've written content for publications, catalogs, sales collateral, websites, retail in-store signage, classes, speeches, Tweets and blogs. I've also consulted to several clients who needed media coaching, media lists and direction on how to best maximize exposure of their products.
Work Info
Editor 26 Years
Photographer 18 Years
Writer 26 Years
Technology 26 Years
Travel 23 Years
Golf, hockey, computing, photography, digital photography 26 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
26 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Golf Tips (11+), Golf World UK Magazine (11+), GolfTrips.com (11+), Forbes.com (11+), FORE Magazine (11+), California Golf News (11+), Ritz-Carlton Magazine (11+), Private Clubs (11+), Links Magazine (11+), Met Golfer (11+), Pelican Hill Golf Resort (11+), PGA Magazine (11+), The Clubhouse Magazine (11+), Troon Golf & Travel (11+), Sea Island Magazine (6-10), Sharp Magazine for Men (6-10), American Way Magazine (6-10), ClubLink Life (6-10), San Diego Magazine (3-5), PGA Championship Journal (3-5), Montage Magazine (3-5), WestJet Airlines' Up! (3-5), PGA.com (1-2), Subaru Drive (1-2), Golf Magazine (1-2)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Cobra Golf (11+), Edwin Watts (11+), Mary Beth Lacy Public Relations (11+), Oak Creek Golf Course (11+), MRC Golf (6-10), Everyday Energy (6-10), ConsistentTee (6-10), TaylorMade-adidas Golf (6-10), Aldila (3-5), Lamkin Grips (3-5), Resonate Public Relations (1-2), Resort at Pelican Hill (1-2), Anthony Robbins Corp. (1-2), CLM Learning (1-2), Fujikura Composites (1-2)
Computer Skills
Mac OS X, Windows XP/Vista, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, NVU, PhotoStudio, some HTML
Technical Skills
iMac, laptop PC, Canon digital SLR, iPhone, portable digital video cameras
I can provide many. Ask and you shall receive.
2010 and 2011 International Network of Golf, Best Apparel Writing; Orange County (Calif.) Best weekly newspaper sports column
Media Bistro Avant Guild
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near San Diego, CA. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.
Work Samples
(Fore Magazine, 9/17/2015)
The latest clubs from Srixon for Fall 2015.
(Forbes.com, 9/9/2015)
I have a regular, weekly Forbes.com column on luxury technology. My topics include everything from personal gadgets to computers to golf equipment.
(PGA Magazine, 9/1/2015)
Cover story on the latest in golf travel trends. What's hot and what isn't. I've written this article every year, for about a decade now.
(GolfTrips.com, 4/30/2015)
What it's like to play in a Champions Tour pro-am
(WestJet Airlines' Up! Magazine, 4/13/2015)
The new best of Scotland golf
(WestJet Airlines' Up! Magazine, 4/13/2015)
Why Hawaii's Big Island is so damn cool for golf!
(GolfTrips.com, 4/1/2015)
Golf on Hawaii's Big Island
(Private Clubs, 3/15/2015)
The top new golf shoes for 2015
(Private Clubs, 3/15/2015)
The latest golf equipment to instantly fix your game.
(SCGA Fore Magazine, 2/20/2015)
The hottest trends for golf equipment coming in 2015
(Troon Golf & Travel, 2/1/2015)
The six major golf equipment trends I see for 2015.
(Celebrated Living - American Airlines, 11/15/2014)
An inside look at Miura Golf
(Troon Golf & Travel, 10/1/2014)
New ways to get around the course.
(Fore Magazine PlusFore, 6/16/2014)
The latest and greatest women's golf clubs
(Met Golfer Extra, 4/15/2014)
The latest on jumbo putter grips
(WestJet Airlines' Up! Magazine, 4/1/2014)
My column on what can go wrong with your luggage on a golf trip, and how to avoid it.
(Subaru Motors Drive Magazine, 3/11/2014)
The cover story! How golf is embracing the environment.
(Private Clubs, 3/11/2014)
The hottest new golf equipment for 2014.
(FORE Magazine, 1/28/2014)
The best new irons for 2014
(California Golf News, 1/13/2014)
The latest, hottest golf gear for 2014.
(Troon Golf & Travel, 1/1/2014)
My take on Callaway's new Big Bertha, as well as my favorite four new irons for 2014.
(Fore Magazine, 12/31/2013)
New drivers for 2014. Pages 16-17.
(My personal blog, 11/15/2013)
Welcome to my brand-new blog. This is all about what's cool in life. Things that I love. Products, services and places that impress me. They're all around, but sometimes I feel the need to single them out, so others can benefit from them, too. This is not exclusive to golf. Enjoy!
(LINKS Magazine, 10/28/2013)
How to Pack Like a Tour pro for your next trip.
(Preferred Lifestyles, 9/25/2013)
Fall, Winter, spring, or summer, perfect weather awaits at golf courses around the world.
(LINKS Magazine, 9/20/2013)
My latest Travel Savvy column, on how to travel like Tour pros. Inside secrets, to boot.
(Scorecard Magazine, 8/28/2013)
The best new wedges in golf.
(GolfTrips.com, 8/23/2013)
My trip to Northern Michigan.
(FORE Magazine, 8/20/2013)
What weight-lifting does for Tour pros these days. Page 42
(GolfTrips.com, 8/10/2013)
What it's like to play a US Open course. I visited Chambers Bay -- and also Salish Cliffs -- in Seattle. My firsthand experience.
(Pelican Hill Magazine, 7/24/2013)
Pelican Hill's wonderful junior golf camp, p. 26-27
(Troon Golf & Travel, 7/16/2013)
The best women's golf clubs for 2013
(California Golf News, 7/7/2013)
The latest great golf bags for 2013
(GoilfTrips.com, 5/15/2013)
What's it like to play golf in Kauai? Read on, to find out...
(Links Magazine, 4/12/2013)
What's the best way to get your golf equipment to your destination? It may not be what you think.
(Sea Island Life, 4/11/2013)
What it takes to make the PGA Tour in 2013. A look at why some kids make and others don't.
(Pelican Hill Magazine, 4/10/2013)
How did Tom Fazio come about designing the famed Pelican Hill magazine?
(Private Clubs, 4/1/2013)
Simply the Best New Golf Gear for 2013.
(Met Golfer, 2/5/2013)
Head to page 77, to see the latest adjustable drivers for 2013.
(Met Golfer Extra, 1/15/2013)
A quick feature on TaylorMade's new r1 adjustable driver.
(Troon Golf & Travel, 1/11/2013)
A rundown of the latest irons for 2013.
(California Golf News, 1/1/2013)
A brief primer of the latest equipment for 2013.
(PGA Magazine, 1/1/2013)
I write and edit the monthly equipment section.
(American Way Magazine, 10/15/2012)
Feature on Pete Dye and his renowned Pounding Ridge Golf Club near New York City.
(California Golf News, 10/1/2012)
The latest golf equipment
(American Way Magazine, 10/1/2012)
The best golf in Couer D'Alene, Idaho is a real treat.
(Troon Golf & Travel, 9/10/2012)
Swing analysis in your pocket. Some cool new gadgets to help you better understand your golf swing.
(Montage Magazine, 9/4/2012)
A very revealing interview with Robert Trent Jones, Jr.
(Sharp Magazine for Men, 5/20/2012)
Fashion- equipment spread of the finest things in golf for 2012. This is Canada's top mens consumer magazine.
(California Golf News, 5/1/2012)
The latest gear for summer
(President & CEO Magazine, 4/9/2012)
A fascinating look at PGA Tour endorsement deals, and what both companies and players look for in a sponsorship. Hint: It's not always $.
(PGA Magazine, 4/2/2012)
Hot Trend: Manufacturer Putter Fitting systems; 10 Things to Know About Fairway Woods & Hybrids; New Products
(American Eagle's Latitudes, 3/31/2012)
How to get in to see the Masters.
(Private Clubs, 3/6/2012)
The best new equipment for your game in 2012
(The Clubhouse, 3/1/2012)
My take on the PGA Merchandise Show, for my monthly Covering Carlsbad column in a Malaysian golf magazine.
(The Clubhouse, 2/13/2012)
The latest strong 3-woods and how they'll help your golf game
(California Golf News, 1/1/2012)
New golf products for 2012
(Met Golfer, 12/15/2011)
The latest belly putter craze for 2012 explained, with some of the best samples around.
(California Golf News, 12/1/2011)
A sneak preview of what's coming in 2012 golf equipment.
(GolfTrips.com, 11/28/2011)
An entertaining look at my recent golf trip to Doral Resort & Spa, plus a side excursion to the Caribbean.
(Self-published book, 11/23/2011)
How to eat your way to better golf. This is my new e-book, published by Diversion Books. I wrote it to help players learn in general terms what kinds of foods to eat before, during and after a round of golf to help achieve their peak performance on the links. I explain why the most-popular food item
(American Eagle Latitudes, 11/15/2011)
Best places to play golf in Curacao!
(GolfTrips.com, 10/12/2011)
Half Moon Bay comes alive
(GolfTrips.com, 10/11/2011)
Wine and golf country in Western Canada is a blast!
(California Golf News, 10/1/2011)
The latest in golf equipment for Fall 2011.
(American Way Magazine, 9/3/2011)
Clubfitting is not right for all golfers...is it for you?
(American Way Magazine, 9/3/2011)
How to build a course -- in your own home. The best simulators for you.
(American Way Magazine, 9/3/2011)
Building your own backyard green never made more sense.
(American Way Magazine, 9/3/2011)
Who are the most stylish pro golfers right now, and why?
(American Way Magazine, 9/3/2011)
Before you stash away your golf equipment for the winter, read this. It might save you a lot of money and hassle.
(American Way Magazine, 9/3/2011)
The hottest new golf shoes.
(American Way Magazine, 9/3/2011)
How to best book your next golf trip online.
(Exec Digital Magazine, 7/11/2011)
A brief travel planner for golfers considering visiting the K Club in Ireland. Or you can access the magazine at the website (July issue) and go to page 87, for more photos and charts.
(Golf Tips Magazine, 7/6/2011)
Roundtable-style discussion on the present and future of golf shafts. Not sexy, but kind of interesting.
(PGA Magazine, 6/1/2011)
My monthly column of the latest news in golf equipment. password: pgamag007
(Sharp Magazine for Men, 5/1/2011)
The top golf gear for 2011.
(Carlsbad Magazine, 4/30/2011)
Aviara celebrates its 20th anniversary. Rancho Carlsbad Golf Center remodels.
(PGA Magazine, 4/30/2011)
My monthly equipment section for the leading golf industry trade publication PGA Magazine.
(Golf Tips, 3/29/2011)
Everything you ever needed to know about getting fitted for a driver.
(Troon Golf & Travel, 3/29/2011)
The latest putters are out for 2011. Which is best for your game?
(California Golf News, 3/29/2011)
Monthly golf equipment articles for one of Southern California's top golf magazines.
(Texas Golfer, p. 12 , 3/28/2011)
The latest drivers are gaining golfers tee shot bragging rights. Which are the biggest bombers?
(Private Clubs, 3/8/2011)
One of the best golf trips ever: Playing in British Columbia along the rails!
(Private Clubs, 3/8/2011)
Top new golf gear for 2011
(Troon Golf, 3/7/2011)
The latest putters
(PGA Magazine, 3/1/2011)
How to Boost Equipment Sales with electronics.
(PGA Magazine, 12/1/2010)
The Great Indoors -- a look at the best indoor flight simulators
(Troon Golf, 11/1/2010)
The latest golf balls for 2011
(Troon Golf, 9/9/2010)
The latest rundown of wedges for 2011.
(PGA Magazine, 9/1/2010)
September equipment section of PGA Magazine
(Met Golfer, 8/26/2010)
The latest on golf ball fitting.
(California Golf News, 7/29/2010)
What to look for in the latest golf balls.
(Golf Tips, 7/2/2010)
The essential guide to eating your way to a better score. Golf Nutrition: What to eat, what not to as you prepare for a golf round. Interesting tips from experts. And it isn't all what you think.
(Met Golfer, 6/28/2010)
The latest in irons
(ClubLink Life, 5/15/2010)
The latest drivers for 2010, featured in the Spring issue of this popular Canadian golf magazine.
(Met Golfer, 4/15/2010)
The latest in golf grips, featured in the April/May issue.
(Private Clubs magazine, 3/10/2010)
What's hot in golf equipment for 2010. The significant trends, the key gear, and the explanation of why these products should be catching your attention.
(Carlsbad Magazine, 3/9/2010)
Professional golf tours had deserted Carlsbad, Calif., home of the golf equipment industry. But now, the LPGA is coming back.
(PGA Magazine, 3/1/2010)
This issue features a round-up of fairway woods and hybrids, as well as an article on How To Scout Your Competition -- among other monthly columns.
(Met Golfer, 2/1/2010)
The latest drivers for 2010 can do your golf game plenty of good -- if you know what to look for.
(PGA Magazine, 1/31/2010)
My monthly equipment section for PGA Magazine, the world's largest golf trade publication.
(Golf Tips Magazine, 1/15/2010)
A primer on how to go about getting properly fitted for your golf clubs.
(Private Clubs Magazine, 1/1/2010)
With these just-out page-turners, transform your coffee table into a fascinating golf journey.
(golftrips.com, 11/20/2009)
Review of the Ocean South course at the Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport Coast, Calif.
(PGA Magazine, 10/5/2009)
This is my annual State of Golf Travel article that appears every October in PGA Magazine. For the article -- which is highly regarded in the golf industry -- I conduct countless hours of research, Q&A's, and compilation from dozens of travel industry and golf travel professionals, before reporting
(Met Golfer, 9/21/2009)
I write a bi-monthly equipment column for this powerful PGA Metropolitan Section golf publication that reaches nearly every golfer in the New York-Connecticut-New Jersey region.
(GolfTrips.com, 7/16/2009)
I write equipment reviews on a regular basis for this Milwaukee-based golf travel website.
(GolfTrips.com, 6/29/2009)
Top new putters for the summer of 2009.
(Travel & Leisure Golf, 1/15/2009)
Brand-new putter models for 2009.
(Private Clubs, 1/1/2009)
This was the cover story for ClubCorp's popular and upscale member magazine, previewing the latest golf equipment trends for 2009. It received a stunning amount of positive feedback.
(San Diego magazine, 5/1/2008)
How the US Open will impact San Diego in every way
(Golf Tips, 4/1/2008)
(Travel & Leisure Golf, 3/1/2008)
(Private Clubs magazine, 1/1/2008)
It's not your parents' Palm Springs anymore
(Golf Magazine, 8/1/2003)
As senior editor of Golf Magazine, I had a monthly column for nearly six years (1998-2003). This is a typical piece, with respect to my writing style.
(Cobra Golf, 5/28/2010)
Press release I wrote and edited for Cobra Golf's latest fairway woods.
(Cobra Golf, 3/8/2010)
Press release for Cobra Golf -- I only made edits to this one (plenty of them).
(Self-Published, 8/1/2009)
I wrote and published this e-book, which is a simple guide for golfers to finding the right golf equipment for their game.
The latest version of my resume, downloadable for your convenience
Contact Info
  Scott Kramer
Carlsbad, CA 

Tel: 760-271-0096  
E-Mail: kramerfreelance@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.mediabistro.com/scottkramer