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Mediabistro’s Predicted Trends for 2022

2021 was a record-breaking year for many reasons. As more employees got comfortable with working from home, we saw trends in companies becoming more flexible with remote work. With more flexibility came more change within the media world and beyond. 

If you’re looking for a creative or media job in the new year, here are some important takeaways from the past year and some predictions for 2022—and how you can take advantage of these trends. Below is what we predict in the new year ahead.

People will continue to freelance

People left their jobs in record-high numbers this past year, which led to what experts are calling The Great Resignation. Not only has work-from-home given employees the chance to branch out, but it has also allowed introspection time for people wanting a career change or to simply work for themselves.  

Statistics have shown that they’ve decided to make that leap in 2021, which we predict will stay in 2022. Freelancing allows more flexibility for one’s schedule and has proven to be the right move for those who want it. If you’re thinking about making the move to freelance in 2022, we have some tips for you.  

More merging for media companies

Numerous media companies merged in 2021, including (but not limited to) Buzzfeed acquiring Complex Media, Future acquiring Marie Claire, Axel Springer acquiring Politico, and more. We predict this trend will not go away anytime soon within the media world.

What does this mean for you if you’re looking for a job within the industry? Be prepared for change and consolidation at the company you start your job at, as media companies continue to evolve.

Workers will grow their digital skills  

Each year, our world becomes more digitally focused, specifically within the media and creative industry. Employees in the industry, or people who want to make the leap to work in the media industry, have taken notice. LinkedIn notes that the three most in-demand jobs from last year were digitally-focused.   

With that in mind, we predict that people will gain digital skills of all kinds: social media strategy, search engine marketing, adobe suite, and more.

Social media platforms will be just as important

Many creatives have taken to social media platforms to promote their talents and have ended up benefitting from it by gaining industry contacts or landing jobs. Whether it’s showcasing your writing, photography, or social media strategy, these platforms have made it possible for people to connect in new and more immediate ways than they had before.

We predict that one’s social media will continue to be able to be a platform for creative job searches—which will have an impact on one’s job search, and ultimately their career.

Video will be here to stay  

Due to the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels, there’s no hiding that video-focused content is here to stay. Visual content will continue to make its mark in 2022, as more companies and outlets adapt to this trend.

All in all, the media and freelance industries are adapting to flexibility and a more digital, video-focused world. With the predictions above, you’ll be able to head into the new year prepared for exciting change ahead.

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