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How to Join a Job Search Club

(and how it can help you get hired)

In the world of remote work, job search clubs can be crucial to not only landing a job, but can help also keep you from feeling isolated.

Remember in your younger school days when you used to join extracurricular clubs? You may have been a part of the chess club, drama club, or anime club.

These clubs may have transferred into a hobby as you grew up and got busy with other things like college, internships, or moving to new places.

However, in the world of remote work, some clubs can be crucial to not only landing a job—but can help keep you from feeling too isolated. That’s why job search clubs exist. Yes, you read that correctly. These are a bit different from associations; they are clubs for adults solely dedicated to being a support group for job-hunting, providing tools for one to land their next gig. The job search can feel lonely, especially if you’ve recently been laid off or fired. Luckily, job search clubs are easier to find and join because of the pandemic.

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Why Should I Join a Job Search Club?

Looking for the next career move isn’t always easy, and job clubs understand that. With the goal of helping people spend less time job-hunting, these clubs typically hold job-seekers accountable by making sure they’re on track with their job search. They meet regularly and create a support system for anyone feeling particularly isolated while trying to find a new job.

These clubs also can serve as networking opportunities, with info sessions and speakers who may have previously been in the club(s). Additionally, members of the club have the opportunity to take part in mock interviews, have their cover letters and resumes reviewed, and go through training for specific job skills.

How Do I Find a Job Search Club?

We recommend starting with the US Department of Labor‘s job service website, CareerOneStop. This site provides a tool for you to search for job clubs depending on your location.

You can also most likely find job clubs in your local community, at places like the public library, community college, or local universities—with job clubs usually listed on their website.

We also recommend looking for these types of clubs on social media, as they can come in the form of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn groups.

Job hunting doesn’t have to be a lonely experience if you’re able to utilize a job club as a resource. And you never know, you may gain new friends and connections along the way.

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