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5 Pieces of Expert Advice From Marketers You Can’t Ignore

Top media pros reveal their secrets to career success

As you kick off your career, you probably get lots of advice from just about everyone you know. And maybe some from people you don’t know.

But we’re pretty sure none of that counsel stacks up to the pearls of wisdom from these experts who have not only been in your shoes and lived to tell the tale, but have successfully secured top spots among the marketing elite.

Take a load off.  

“Your job as an entry-level team member is to take some of the load off your new teammates. If you are not delivering for your teammates, you won’t have to wait for your boss to get mad; your team will likely throw you overboard if you are dead weight.” —Mike Harris, co-founder of Uproar PR

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, just don’t be a jerk about it.

“Be confident about the things you do well and humble enough to admit when you have no idea what you’re doing. Showing people you know the difference will make them trust your instincts, and your strengths will become your calling card, making you invaluable.” —Alana Yankowitz, publicist at PR DEPT

“Don’t demand authority. Eagerly take responsibility. Relentlessly give credit.” —Seth Godin, marketing expert and author,

Realize you don’t know everything…yet.

“Be open and fully committed to learning… You’re bound to excel in one area over the others such as media, strategy or client relations, but commit to developing the entire skill set, and success will follow.” —Stacy Berns, founder and president of Berns Communications Group

“I’ve heard this from a few people, but you should always be learning in your job. If you’re not learning, it’s time to move on.” —Mollie Chen, editorial director at Birchbox

“Be endlessly curious. Read blogs daily. Use new platforms that are gaining traction.” —Tom Pettus, EVP, group creative director at Deutsch

Don’t shy away from a challenge.

“If your boss asks if you want to work on a direct marketing account with almost no brand awareness or money, say yes.” —Steve Bassett, Group Creative Director at The Martin Agency

Be yourself—and all these other things, too.

“Be hungry. Be brief. Be aware. Be consistent.” —Sarah Hofsteter, CEO of 360i


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