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Mediabistro Career Circus: Optimize Your Job Search

Build on your network, your brand, and your past successes to make the next step, say our experts

1. Highlights

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights FREE!
  2. Tips from Tonia Mattu (12:06) 12:06 FREE!
    Tonia explains how to expand your network, create a personal brand, and build on past breakthroughs.
  3. Advice from Alan Cohen (10:11) 10:11 FREE!
    Successful people are driven by a compelling vision. Alan talks about how to find yours and use it to succeed in your career.
  4. Questions and Answers, Part 1 (12:22) 12:22 FREE!
    Manoush asks Alan and Tonia: do career tests work? What tools should people use online to get their brand out there? How can you make a big change in a bad economy? And what happens if people keep telling you you’re overqualified?
  5. Questions and Answers, Part 2 (12:15) 12:15 FREE!
    Alan and Tonia address: What do you do when someone has the same name as you on the internet? How can I get paying work as a writer? How do you create a positioning statement?

Video Details

Alan Cohen (President, Acts Of Balance Coaching) and Tonia Mattu (Career Coach and Consultant, The Mercury Group LLC) share their secrets for success.

Learn practical tools and tips that will help you optimize your job search and your online presence. If you're not using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, you're at a disadvantage. Learn how recruiters are using social media and mobile recruitment campaigns to acquire talent, how the power of your network combined with your personal brand affects the opportunities you have.

4 videos

47 minutes

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