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Improve Your Web Life: New Sites, New Uses, New You

Fast, accessible solutions to Internet overload

2. Highlights

Table of Contents

  1. Crib Sheet (PDF) PDF
    Download this outline and use it to take notes. Includes resources and other information.
  2. Highlights FREE!
  3. Introduction: The Big Picture (9:57) 9:57 FREE!
    We're going to see as many changes in the next 10 years as we've seen in the past 10. The problem is identifying the long-term successes and ignoring the debacles.
  4. Firefox (9:37) 9:37 FREE!
    Firefox features, including tabbed browsing, better security, built-in searching, and other add-ons and extensions, make it the browser to beat.
  5. Social Networking Sites (12:02) 12:02 FREE!
    Why you should use social networking sites, web-based communities that facilitate sharing, collaboration, and creativity among users.
  6. Facebook and Shopping for Electronics (8:29) 8:29 FREE!
    A closer look at Facebook and why it dominates the field, plus find recommendations for electronics without having your own personal tech advisor.
  7. Passwords, Online Photo and Video Editing, Getting Help, and Tools to Take Charge of Your Money (8:44) 8:44 FREE!
    Firefox has a password manager, but there is also a site that will do it for you. There are alternatives to expensive programs like Photoshop. We'll give you a few recommendations for easy, cheap, and fast programs on the Web. Also, there are websites to help you with everyday challenges like getting an actual human on the phone when you call a business. People don't just want information from websites—they want to do stuff.
  8. Web 2.0 Tools and Take Charge of Your Health (13:35) 13:35 FREE!
    What makes a site a Web 2.0 site? It's dynamic and interactive. Also, learn about new ways to find information about your health.
  9. Open Source/Free Software Options and Yahoo! And Google Alerts (8:35) 8:35 FREE!
    Open Source/Free Software Options--these programs don’t do everything we want, but we don’t want everything. Yahoo! and Google Alerts are a great way to keep up with topics you are interested in.
  10. RSS Feeds, Three-letter Words You Need to Know, Websites and Blogs of Interest, and Google Docs (13:57) 13:57 FREE!
    RSS Feeds let you track sites without having to return to them. Learn more about RSS, CMS, MSM, BAW, and PCA. Sree shares a few websites and blogs that he tracks in his RSS reader, and shows how to add them. Google Docs is a powerful way to minimize unnecessary email traffic by allowing users to collaborate on the same document.
  11. Real Estate, Recipes and Music (8:15) 8:15 FREE!
    Find sites for researching real estate, recipes, and music.
  12. Final Tips (10:00) 10:00 FREE!
    Final tips: Just log off. Talk to other people to find out what they are looking at and listening to. Trust but verify. Learn languages, find out what the world thinks of the U.S., get directions, and watch Sree on WNBC.

Video Details

Columbia School of Journalism Dean and TV tech guru Sree Sreenivasan is lazy and cheap and proud of it. He also spends an inordinate amount of time staying on top of the latest sites, tools, and applications on the Web.

In this lecture/demonstration, Sree shows you how to streamline your online life by taking you to sites you don't know and showing you how to use familiar sites in new ways. Most important, he shows you how to manage the onslaught of internet information and email so you can track what you want and disregard the rest.

A detailed, downloadable crib sheet includes links to the best sites for everything from buying electronics and managing documents to free, reliable software for editing photos, video, audio, and more.

Useful for both Internet novices and pros.

10 videos
1 hour, 41 minutes total running time

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