Moria Byrne-Zaaloff

Bronx, NY USA
Website: http://

Professional Experience

As a professional writer and editor, I have experience conveying complex subject matters to a consumer audiences. This includes everything from the latest surgical techniques for prostate cancer to the advantages of free online tools for graphic design. I have experience in medical, technology and business writing. I am interested in any work that provides me with the opportunity to write or work as a researcher for a publication.


6 Years
8 Years
Production (print)
6 Years


Business (general)
3 Years
4 Years
4 Years


Newspaper - Local/Regional
2 Years
Professional Journal
4 Years
8 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

6 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

DevEx (10+), Digital Media Buzz (10+), Baltimore Business Journal (6-10), The Jewish Times (6-10), The Narragansett Times (1-2), The Philadelphia Inquirer (1-2)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Himane Inc. (1-2)

Other Work History

SEO and social media management

Technical Skills

photo editing, layout and design for web and print

Foreign Language Skills

French Tagalog

Computer Skills

IBM, Macintosh, Microsoft Word 2000, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Microsoft Office, Outlook, Nexus Lexus, Quark Xpress, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Internet, Google Analytics, SEO, Dreamweaver, HTML, Sitemaker and Documentum (CMS)


Jess Binns CS Scott


Peace Corps Alumni Association National Online News Association



This is a story about the e-book revolution and includes interviews with the major e-book industry leaders.
The key to Web 3.0 is that it is multi-faceted and involves not one product but many. The goal is to control not only how data is accessed and shared but how it is organized.
The collaboration of mobile phone operating systems, banking institutions and money transfer systems are working together to create a new way to manage your money--remote bill pay technology.

Maryland Daily Record

Theatre review
Critique of Henry O. Tanner art exhibition
Interview with film maker, Ramona Diaz and review of documentary

DevEx News

After Typhoon Ketsana, Oxfam urged the Philippine government to recognize sanitation and clean water as "the two key needs" of victims. Otherwise, it could result in another catastrophe - disease outbreaks. That is what happened in the Phillippines during Typhoon Ketsana.
Kiva has used Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn not only to reach out to its community of users but also to address recent criticisms of its microlending system.
The Millennium Challenge Corp. has a rigid monitoring and evaluation plan for country programs. MCC's Shiranthi "Shiro" Gnanaselvam explains the agency's M&E approach and possible changes to it.

ACCESS Perspectives

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) research shows that 8- to 10-year-olds spend about eight hours a day with media, and older kids more than 11 hours. The AAP is advising parents to manage their children's media use more closely and has provided media use recommendations for parents.
Health Informatics has become an integral part of the US healthcare system and increased the exchange of health information exponentially.
ACCESS is a leading NY provider of nurses certified in Uniform Assessment System(UAS), who has been aggressively recruiting and training over 100 RNs to work in top healthcare facilities throughout Westchester County and all five NYC boroughs.

The Jewish Times

Article about how Jewish young adults can get involved in local chariety organizations in Baltimore.

The Baltimore Business Journal

Business guru shares her skills as a consultant
Art exhibit critique
development inspires little italy to try new approaches to win customers
About growing interest in food preparation services at restaurants and supermarkets
online university adds two satellite campuses in Maryland

RADAR Review

Interview with artist
Article about Allyn Massey

ROWEL Reporter

Welfare Reform