Develop a Successful Freelance Writing Career

Get bylines and get paid

Level: Beginner
Instructor: Jason Carpenter

Develop a Successful Freelance Writing Career

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Who Should Take This Course

Freelance Writers, Freelance Journalists

Skills You Will Learn

Develop an adaptable bio that can be expanded or shortened based on the pitch

Identify your unique strengths and topic expertise to justify yourself as an expert

Simplify your pitch and write a pitch letter for a story you want

Leverage social media and “trending” topics to get assignments

Cultivate relationships with editors to remain top of mind for new assignments

Navigate contracts and get clear on your contractual rights to ensure you are always paid

Why Take This Course

To be a successful freelancer, it’s not enough to be a good writer—you have to know how to pitch your stories, edit your content, market yourself, manage your finances and navigate contracts.

This course, led by a successful freelance writer, will show you how to approach freelance writing as a business and not just a creative venture. You will learn how to promote yourself and your work, pinpoint your skills and leverage them to pitch powerfully, and generate lasting relationships with editors and decision makers who can give you work.

Session 1

Nuts & Bolts of Freelance Writing

  • Lesson 1: Your Instructor - Been There, Done That
  • Lesson 2: What You’ll Learn in This Course/Overview
  • Lesson 3: The Nuts and Bolts of Freelance Writing
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Session 2

Pinpoint Your Skills & Interests

  • Lesson 1: What Makes You Qualified to Write the Story You’re Pitching?
  • Lesson 2: Breaking Into the Freelance Marketplace
  • Lesson 3: Break in With a Bright Idea - Trends, Social Media
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Session 3

The Pitch: A How-To Guide

  • Lesson 1: Your Pitch: Keep it Simple, Stupid
  • Lesson 2: The Art (and Business) of Selling Your Story
  • Lesson 3: The Pitch: Dos, Don’ts, and Pitch Etiquette
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Session 4

The Business Side of Freelancing

  • Lesson 1: Understanding Rights
  • Lesson 2: Getting Paid, Fostering Relationships (Patience is a Virtue)
  • Lesson 3: Time is Money
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About the Instructor

Jason Carpenter

Jason Carpenter is a writer, editor, and producer who has contributed to numerous print, TV, radio, websites, and Fortune 500 Companies covering everything from restoring old homes to luxury watches. His work has appeared in the New York Post, Men's Health, This Old House, Maxim, and others. He's also appeared on television and radio programs on CNN, CBS, and FOX.