Project Management

Manage digital projects from concept to completion

Level: Beginner
Instructor: Grace Begany

Project Management

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  • Self-paced instruction
  • 24 video lessons
  • 5 hours of lesson content
  • Project management exercises
  • Led by an industry expert
  • Lifetime access
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Who Should Take This Course

Project Managers, Marketers, Product Managers, Project Leads, Students

Skills You Will Learn

Learn the principles of industry-practiced methodologies—Agile, Lean and Extreme

Identify your key stakeholders and learn how and what to communicate to them

Define and manage all communication about your project

Gather all requirements documents and draft your own essential project documentation

Develop project concepts and requirements documents like timelines and budgets

Discern the most common project issues before they happen, mitigate the impact of the issues quickly or prevent them all together

Conduct A/B testing and administer feedback surveys

Measure project success by evaluating key data in analytics reports

Why Take This Course

Get inside the mind of a master digital project manager and learn the skills to guide your own digital projects from start to finish. Discover the industry-standard project management methodologies and understand how to choose and implement the best one for the project at hand. Learn to draft essential documents and communicate project milestones to the right people, the right way.

You’ll come away with the analytical and organizational tactics needed to develop effective project plans and navigate potential issues and roadblocks to ensure successful project completion.

Session 1

Intro to Project Management

  • Lesson 1: What and Who is a Project Manager?
  • Lesson 2: Project Players and Stakeholders
  • Lesson 3: Milestones & Communication
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Session 2

Manage Projects & Methodologies

  • Lesson 1: Phases, Roadblocks and Timelines
  • Lesson 2: Overview of Development, Launch and Maintenance
  • Lesson 3: Methodologies - Traditional vs Digital
  • Lesson 4: Agile, Lean and Extreme
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Session 3

Create Key Project Management Documents

  • Lesson 1: Importance of Documentation
  • Lesson 2: Requirements and Specs
  • Lesson 3: Specifics of Essentials Documents—Budgets, Contracts, Timelines and More
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Session 4

Prevention and Turnaround of Troubled Projects

  • Lesson 1: Definition and Causes
  • Lesson 2: Prevention and Turnaround
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Session 5

Measure Project Success

  • Lesson 1: Define Your Success Using Analytics
  • Lesson 2: Prototyping, A/B Testing and Beta Testing
  • Lesson 3: Data Analytics
  • Lesson 4: Communicating Analytics
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About the Instructor

Grace Begany

Grace Begany is a technology project management consultant with over 15 years experience directing digital projects. She works with clients on all phases of their technology project, from concept through launch and beyond, including ongoing digital measurement activities. Prior to this, she was director of online and software development for Kaplan, Inc, where she spearheaded many large-scale online, mobile, and web analytics initiatives. She has also managed digital projects for a publicly-held healthcare communications company and a software development start-up.