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November 14, 2012
Most employers assume the only things employees want are raises and more vacation days, but they’re wrong (for the most part). According to the workplace experts we spoke with, employees want to be appreciated and trusted. A raise is nice but not always possible, so instead focus on boosting morale, loyalty and productivity to keep your team happy.

When employees are unhappy with their managers, they tend to get down about their jobs. The HR Capitalist has proven that no matter how bad things are at work, they could always be worse. For example, you could be hired as a flight attendant by the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch and be made to parade around his private jet in boxers and a Polo (with the collar popped, of course).

If I were president, I would make it illegal for employers to subject staffers to such humiliation. How would you bring your HR skills to the presidency? Andy Porter of Fistful of Talent would focus on student loan incentives, visas and green cards for foreign nationals, and paid parental leave. Interesting that he doesn’t include healthcare…

While on the subject of presidents (and healthcare), now that we know who will be serving the next four years, what does that mean for HR? Before the decision was final, Human Resource Executive Online broke down what HR might look like in the next four years depending on who would be in office.

Considering most of my friends are still in debt because of student loans, maybe President Obama should take some advice from Andy Porter. Thoughts?

Jessica Carlson
Client Services Associate

U.S. Adds 171,000 Jobs, Employment Rate Still 7.9 Percent (BLS)
The United States added 171,000 jobs in health care, retail and hospitality, as well as professional and business services, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced last week. There remained 2.4 million people not working for various reasons such as school obligations; of those 2.4 million Americans, 813,000 had given up looking for work. A further 8.3 million Americans are considered underemployed.

Internet Publishing Is Careerbuilder's Top Industry (TheHiringSite)
"Internet publishing and broadcasting and Web search portals" added 28,333 jobs in the past two years, for a 30 percent increase. That's more (percentage wise) than health care, oil drilling and e-commerce.

The Election's Impact on HR (HRE Online)
While the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") is likely to stay in place for now, Republicans may still be able to pick off unpopular parts of the law, experts said. And Obama is expected to follow through on retirement-related proposals made in his first term, like the Automatic IRA Act of 2012. Read on to find out how else the HR world has changed.

If I Were President... (Fistful of Talent)
We almost had a CEO president, but what if a human resources pro were elected? HR guy Andy Porter lays out the top priorities for an HR-focused administration: STEM incentives, green cards and work visas, parenthood leave and the minimum wage.

Feeling Down About Your Job? It Could Be Worse (The HR Capitalist)
An age discrimination lawsuit filed against Abercrombie & Fitch has resulted in the publication of a 40-page internal manual for how CEO Mike Jeffries wants his private jet staffed. The highlights? Mandatory popped collars and a seating chart for his dogs. As Kris Dunn says, if you think you've got it bad...

Almost Half of Recruiters Doing Better This Year (Fordyce Letter)
Another one in five or so said they were on track to match last year, so, good news all around for headhunters.

What if You Could Re-Elect Your Boss? (MediaJobsDaily)
"What if we could get employees to interview their potential boss and provide feedback? What are the ramifications of having a democratic-like hiring process or annual review process?" Take a moment and fantasize about a world where employees could vote their boss out after a term. Ok, now get back to work.

The 20 Recruiting Headlines You'll See Next Year (ERE)
Mobile will dominate, Linkedin will become No. 1 for recruiting, and recruiting will become more personalized. These are some of the stories HR will be talking about next year, if you believe ERE's John Sullivan.

What Employees Really Want (Besides a Raise) (Mediabistro)
Sure, raises and promotions make happy workers, but there are other ways you can meet the needs of your employees -- as well as build morale, loyalty, and productivity -- without having to change a budget or a business card.

--Compiled by Rachel Kaufman, co-editor,

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