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Media Jobs Monthly Newsletter

February 13, 2013
The coldest and shortest month of the year got off to some of the best employment news in years. According to the Labor Department's latest report, jobless claims dropped to their lowest level in five years. But the labor market is still stagnant as best exemplified in this poll from the Heldrich Center at Rutgers University; the poll is a follow-up to one taken by the same respondents in August 2010. Sixty percent of participants said that they were employed then, compared to 58 percent last month. Furthermore, in 2010, 6 percent of the respondents identified themselves as unemployed; in 2013, that was 8 percent.

But, as this is the month of amore, we want to look at the bright side. U.S. News and World Report has a look at five great ways to rekindle the love for your job, one of which is to learn a new skill that can make you more valuable to your company... or another company. So let us throw in this shameless plug for the Mediabistro education team. They're always creating and innovating to come up with new courses and seminars. Check them out.

And if you're curious about how other HR departments work, here is a look inside how someone can score that job at Rubenstein, one of the country's leading public relations agencies.

So, if you're fighting the winter recruiting blues, just hold on. Spring is right around the corner.

Chris Ariens
Editorial Director

U.S. Added 157,000 Jobs in January (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
The economy added 157,000 jobs in January, though the unemployment rate remained at 7.9 percent, the BLS reported. There were still 8 million underemployed workers and about 800,000 discouraged workers. Neither group is counted in the official unemployment numbers.

Three Ways Facebook Graph Search Could Transform Recruiting (Mashable)
Graph Search means that the "like" button on your fan page is now a top tool for reaching talent, says Mashable. Not only that, but the new tool can be used to find candidates with the right cultural fit and/or to find those "purple squirrels" in the long tail that are typically buried.

How Well is Your Job Post Doing? CareerBuilder Will Tell You (TLNT)
A new CareerBuilder tool will tell you how well your ads perform compared to your competitors and what the demographics of your applicants and ad viewers are. The new portal uses "billions of data points" to create its insights. Bam.

Meet Falcon (Fistful of Talent)
It's like Rapportive for the Web and it's a great sourcing tool, says Kelly Dingee. Install it in Chrome, and it provides more information than you could ever use in just a few clicks.

The Structure of Your Job Ad Plays a Bigger Role Than You Think (
A 200-person nationwide recruiting firm overhauled its ads in January to emphasize SEO. "We saw immediate results," writes its marketing manager. Plus, "In the month of January after our ad overhaul we more than doubled our application rate." Wow!

How to Lose Candidates and Alienate Prospective Employees (The Hiring Site)
Basic stuff, but if your application process sucks or your ad is full of typos, you're going to drive candidates away. Take a look at the full list of 6 bad employer behaviors at CareerBuilder.

Four Myths About Mobile Recruitment (The Hiring Site)
By the end of the year, mobile devices are projected to overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide. And you still don't have a mobile site -- really? Here are four myths that may be holding you back.

These Job Titles Are Killing Your Ads (The Tim Sackett Project)
Your job titles may be terrible, says Tim Sackett. "And please don't make me explain how idiotic it looks when you list out your little number system on your post as well (Accountant I, Accountant II, etc.)," he says.

Score That Job: Rubenstein PR (MediabistroTV)
In MediabistroTV's new series, we interview HR pros at major media offices to get an inside look at their recruiting process. Talk about a great way to promote your company.

Employee Outsources His Job to China (MediaJobsDaily) An employee working with secure, sensitive info hired a Chinese consulting company to do his job at a fraction of the price so he could spend all day watching cat videos. (That part is not made up, nor is any of this.) What a nightmare.

--Compiled by Rachel Kaufman, co-editor,

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