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The Minimalist Freelance Life

One writer's story of simplifying mind and matter

- December 2, 2013
I sit, facing my laptop, at a sleek cherrywood desk that was designed and built by my father. I have a green banker's lamp -- a writer's talisman I had set my heart on at a young age. In front of me, my art: three white squares with handmade paper flowers glued in the middle.

It wasn't always this simple. I look back four years, when I wallpapered my office with magazine covers and art. I had kept my pet rabbit pen and bird cage nearby, overwhelming the room with a cloud of ammonia. My bird would scream for attention while I tried to focus. The rest of my apartment wasn't much better -- I had too much furniture, too many wall hangings and closets full of untouched stuff.

It's no wonder I did the majority of my writing at a local café.

My recent conversion to minimalism complements my work as a freelancer. But minimalism, for me, isn't about challenging myself to see how few things I can possibly hang onto. It's about rearranging my life around my priorities -- a practice that even the hoarders with the largest stash could benefit from.


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