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Revolving Door Newsletter: 07.17.09 Loses Digital Rainmaker; D.C. Papers Go Poaching

July 17, 2009
Jim Spanfeller, who made into the financial juggernaut it is today, has resigned as the site's CEO. In the nine years he's held the top spot, unique visitors jumped from half a million to 20 million and profits now stand in the multimillion dollar range. Spanfeller, who denies being pushed out by investors, will will launch a media management company "that will help other traditional media companies make the most of their enormous prospects in digital venues," according to Forbes president and CEO Steve Forbes' memo to staffers...

Meredith's Fitness posts the biggest ad page gain among consumer titles in the first half of 2009. It was one of only 10 magazines to see that number increase... A donation campaign saves Paste, which raised $250,000 in two months on the strength of 10,000 donations... Newsweek fires six managers... Steve Rattner finally sheds Maxim, handing the troubled lad mag over to Cerberus...

Politico snags another one, poaching Kendra Marr from the Washington Post... In another loss for WaPo, The Washington Times steals Matt Mosk to be its White House bureau chief. Jennifer Harper will take over "Inside the Beltway," while Stephen Dinan becomes the new deputy assistant managing editor for politics and Congressional bureau chief...

Gannett, which recently suffered massive layoffs, posted a small profit in Q2, but publishing revenues plunged 25.8 percent from the previous year... McGraw-Hill, which is trying to offload BusinessWeek, announced it would lay off 550, the majority of whom will be employees from its textbook publishing division...

More changes buffet struggling social networking company MySpace, which loses Tom Andrus, its SVP of product. Travis Katz, managing director and SVP of international also leaves, replaced by Rebekah Horne, who had previously been general manager of Europe and Australia. Additionally, Katie Geminder steps in as SVP of user experience and design, while Mike Macadaan joins as VP of product... Among other things, RadarOnline needs a new reporter on the West Coast... Cisco lays off more than 600 people...

After three years at, Rebecca L. Fox, editorial director for strategy and development, is headed to to The Daily Beast, where she'll be director of editorial development and operations... Bonnie Fuller will helm, a subsidiary of (the organization that recently purchased Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily... Former Variety deputy editor Anne Thompson signs on with IndieWire to sell advertising on her Thompson on Hollywood blog...

Susan Roesgen is out at CNN... Dennis McClain returns to TM Advertising, the shop he helped found. McClain, in turn, appoints Bill Oakley, Dave Weaver, and Byron Nelson as managing directors... And there are changes at The Wall Street Journal, WSJ.,, and more...

July 17, 2009: Bonnie Fuller has been named editor-in-chief and president at Hollywood Life. She had been editorial director at American Media. (NYT)
July 16, 2009: Paul Avarali has been named men's fashion editor at and He had been associate fashion editor at Best Life. (mb)
July 16, 2009: Rebecca L. Fox has been named director of editorial development and operations at The Daily Beast. She had been editorial director, strategy & development, at (FBNY)
July 16, 2009: Anthony Cenname has been named multimedia director at The Wall Street Journal. He had been vice president and advertising director at Travel + Leisure. (release)
July 16, 2009: Andrea Norlander has been named associate publisher at WSJ. She had been executive director of creative services there. (release)
July 16, 2009: Ellen Asmodeo-Giglio has been named vice president of sales for Weekend Edition and the Luxury sales group at WSJ. She had been publisher there. (release)
July 16, 2009: Sophie Raptis has been named publisher at WSJ. She had been international business group head at Times Media in London. (release)
July 15, 2009: Kendra Marr has been named reporter at Politico. She had been reporter at The Washington Post. (FBDC)
July 15, 2009: Jeanine Detz has been named fitness director at Shape. She had been senior fitness editor there. (mb)
July 15, 2009: Greg Kaplan has been named vice president, group creative director at Digitas. He had been senior vice president, group creative director at MRM Worldwide. (AgencySpy)
July 15, 2009: Maureen Dempsey has been named managing editor at She had been executive editor at (mb)
July 14, 2009: Corinne Iozzio has been named associate editor at Popular Science. She had been staff editor at PCMag. (mb)
July 14, 2009: Doug Jehl has been named foreign editor at The Washington Post. He had been deputy Washington bureau chief at The New York Times. (FBDC)
July 14, 2009: Hilary Smith has been named senior vice president of communcations at NBC Universal Women and Lifestyle Entertainment Networks. She had been vice president of corporate ommunications at NBC Universal. (WebNewser)

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