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Why You Didn't Get Promoted

By not articulating what you want and why you deserve it, it can cost you

By Kristen Fischer - October 25, 2010

Most people believe a person is lucky just to have a job in this economy. Yet, with budget cuts and layoffs rampant in just about every industry, the Great Recession could actually prove to be a good time to not just cling to the corporate ladder, but to move up it. Even as companies are freezing pay raises, a promotion could come your way if you've taken on more duties or sought new challenges that strengthened your employer's bottom line. So, what if review time comes and you're passed over -- again? Unfortunately, simply doing your job well is not always enough. There are some universal no-no's that can prevent you from advancing your career.

You're too shy.
Although being too aggressive is one reason many people don't get promoted, being too timid is another. By not articulating what you want and why you deserve it, it can cost you. Even if you are not one to request a promotion, you still want to have a positive standing so when it comes time for things like bonuses, you are a shoe-in for the rewards....

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