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Media Jobs Monthly Newsletter

February 8, 2012
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A new session of Mediabistro's Job Search Boot Camp started last week, and one complaint I heard from many job seekers was how time consuming online job applications can be. Filling out tedious forms isn't just annoying to job seekers; it can be detrimental to companies who lose qualified candidates in the process. Some employers assume filling positions should be quick and easy in this economy, not realizing that 34 percent of job seekers who attempt to apply to a job don't finish the application because it's a hassle.

If you're wondering why the response to your job isn't as strong as you'd hoped, evaluate what you're asking job seekers to do and try to avoid processes that repel candidates. If there's no wiggle room in your applicant tracking system setup, consider a service like ReTargeter, which helps companies counteract the drop off by recapturing someone's interest after they leave your site. I wonder if job seekers feel more motivated to apply or more annoyed after these reminders.

Just like companies can use online ad space to lure candidates to their site, they can also use online content to decide if an applicant is a good fit based on his Google search results. While there's still controversy around whether it's invasive for HR and hiring managers to Google candidates, a job seeker should assume it's always being done and manage his online presence accordingly. With the ever-changing privacy settings on social media sites, it's smart to review your profiles periodically to make sure you're still sharing what you want with who you want.

Jacky Carter
Community Manager

The 100 best companies to work for (Great Place To Work Institute)
The best companies to work for include Google, Wegmans and REI. Is your company on the list, too? Being recognized as a Great Place can do wonders for your employment brand.

Research In Motion Soon to Launch Employment Branding Campaign (
The beleaguered Blackberry maker is launching a joint consumer/employment branding campaign with the theme "Be Bold." The goal is to find "builder-type" people rather than those who crave stability. "We get these dynamos who want to take a risk and join us because they like the excitement," social network and employment branding manager Kat Drum says.

Retarget Job Seekers After They Click And Run (TalentHQ)
Retargeting has been used extensively in retail to get a would-be purchaser to come back, but its use in recruiting is fairly new. The idea is that instead of serving ads to random Internet browsers, your company "retargets" someone who'd already visited your careers site. Creepy, but effective!

Around the World in 7 Minutes - Headhunting with Your Social Graph (Justice Mitchell)
Recruiter Justice Mitchell connected a developer in Moscow with a company in New Jersey in seven minutes, thanks to her social graph. It helps to know everyone, but if you don't, just make sure you know someone who knows everyone. You can post to the usual subjects like Linkedin and Branchout, but also try or

Recruiting Hasn't Changed Since 1960 (RecruitingBlogs)
Instead of a Personnel Department, we have HR. Instead of resumes going into a black hole in a filing cabinet, we have an ATS. Has recruiting really changed at all since 1960? Visit recruiter Bill Humbert's blog post to tell him.

The Dumbest Work-Related Court Case Ever (MediaJobsDaily)
A receptionist was sacked for working off the clock through her lunch break. After two years of fighting for her unemployment benefits, a Cook County court has found that she is eligible for her unemployment. She also found a new (presumably better) job since then. Bet the company is regretting this one.

Hey, How'd You Hammer Your Way onto DIY Network, Kayleen McCabe? (
McCabe credits a "mail room to CEO mindset" for her rise from home contractor to host of DIY's Rescue Renovation. "With few exceptions, people who've achieved their professional goals have worked grunt work in the past," she said.

Don't Think Googling Candidates is Fair? A Cautionary Tale... (HR Capitalist)
Just when you've decided that a candidate's privacy trumps your desire to screen him or her through Google, there comes along something to make you wish you had.... "I tell my guy that he might want to Google Finklestein. He declined, but I insisted. So he did and within 15 seconds let out a noise like he had just been kicked in the groin by a pointy-toed country western boot."

The Surprising Reason You're Not Getting the Candidates You Need (The Hiring Site)
Your application process sucks. Stats show that 34 percent of candidates don't complete the application because it's just too much of a hassle. That may be why you're only getting sub-par candidates -- top performers certainly won't waste their time with a broken application.

--Compiled by Rachel Kaufman, editor,

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