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December 12, 2012
The holidays are approaching and, before you know it, 2013 will be here. That means right now is a great time to reflect on your progress and, if necessary, make plans to improve for the New Year.

It could be that you committed one of Talent HQ's Top 7 Recruiting Fails for 2012, like trying to find top candidates on Pinterest. However, if you haven't made that mistake but are still looking for top talent, don't give up now. According to TLNT, December is a great month for recruiting, because employed job seekers have more time to search and ample flexibility for scheduling interviews. Also, since the less-desirable active candidates tend to slack off during the holiday months, recruiters won't be flooded with resumes and will have time to proactively recruit the harder-to-reach candidates.

Another question to ask yourself is: What new HR initiatives or employee benefits did you implement that improved your company's culture? One big question during this time of year, whether or not morale has been high, is: "Will we be getting raises?" According to HRE Online, the answer is no -- the United States was very far down on the list of Projected Salary Raises for 2013. If your employees want huge raises, tell them they might want to move to India.

Jessica Carlson
Client Services Associate

U.S. Adds 146,000 Jobs (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced another relatively tepid month of job growth and quashed expectations that estimates would be artificially lower due to effects from Hurricane Sandy. Still, 146,000 jobs were added to the economy in November and the unemployment rate fell to 7.7 percent.

December: A Dead Month for Recruiting? Nope (TLNT)
Here are 20 reasons December is actually a great time to do some recruiting. Good luck!

The Top 7 Recruiting Fails of 2012 (TalentHQ)
Whether or not you agree with the list, this is certainly food for thought as we head into the New Year.

The Top 3 HR Tech Trends (Monster Thinking)
Analytics, consumerization and enhancing the user experience: Watch this short video to learn how these ideas are changing HR.

Expecting a Raise? Don't Be (HRE Online)
The United States ranks near the bottom of a list comparing 2013 projected salary increases, along with Japan and Spain. India, China and Brazil will see double-digit average raises in some cases while the projected average raise in the U.S. is just 3 percent.

Linkedin 'Open Endorsers' Ruining It for Everyone (MediaJobsDaily)
These 'open endorsers' are more concerned with getting as many endorsements in as many categories as possible than collecting an endorsement set that accurately reflects their skills. Great.

LinkedIn Endorsements, the Lab Rat and Lowest Common Denominators... (HR Capitalist)
LinkedIn's new Endorsement feature is a little too close to a Skinner Box for Kris Dunn's comfort.

How to Be Remarkable (The Hiring Site)
More than half of staffing firms say they return client calls within two hours, but only a quarter of clients say they get a response within that time. Hmm. Here are five steps to make your firm remarkable.

4 Lessons for Writing in the Digital Age (Mediabistro)
You're a recruiter, not a reporter or PR expert, but you probably should also blog to help build your talent pipeline. Here are some tips for making your writing stand out.

--Compiled by Rachel Kaufman, co-editor,

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