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Revolving Door Newsletter: 04.02.13

BuzzFeed Loses Bureau Chief; Politico Shutters Two Blogs

April 2, 2013
Richard Rushfield leaves BuzzFeed where he had been L.A. bureau chief. The former Gawker West Coast editor wrote that it "wasn't the right fit." RD wonders if he'll start a trend of recently hired staffers leaving after finding they don't fit into the company's unique environment. That's not a bad thing at all, but it does take a certain type to work there. One of those people is Cat Bartosevich, who leaves Entertainment Weekly for a spot as press director for the site's entertainment, lifestyle and celebrity verticals. "I'm thrilled Cat, a rockstar in her field, is joining us to help bring attention to the amazing stories we're telling about entertainment and culture," BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith said. "She'll be key to shaping BuzzFeed's brand and bringing us to new heights in 2013..."

Adam Weinstein gets out of Washington D.C. and sort of leaves Mother Jones. He had been the magazine's national security correspondent but will give up that position in favor of a homestead in South Florida. "I've been proud to be a part of MoJo's ass-kicking, and you'll still see my occasional byline there," he explained. Weinstein will also write for the Columbia Journalism Review... Politico cancels Charlie Mahtesian's blog as well as "On Congress." Mahtesian and the "On Congress" contributors including Dan Berman will remain with the publication, but their scoops and thoughts will be shuttled directly onto the front page...

Sharon Bernstein joins Reuters' L.A. bureau. She had been at NBC Southern California and the Los Angeles Times. She'll get her bearings for a bit, then depart to launch the wire service's Sacramento office all by her lonesome... Speaking of the West Coast, Santa Barbara-based Pacific Standard hires Outsiders Nicholas Jackson and Ryan O'Hanlon to build out its website. They will be digital director and associate editor, respectively. Jackson previously worked with Pacific Standard EIC Maria Streshinsky at The Atlantic... And TheWrap loses executive editor Lisa Fung but signs up former Variety staffer Jeff Sneider. He was fired from the trade in January, a story reported by his new employer... Sandi Gibbons retires after 24 years...

Jack Laschever takes over as president of conferences at Forbes Media. He had been chief marketing officer, a position that former vice president of sales and marketing Tom Davis fills. He joined the company in 2008 from International Data Group... The New York Times makes a whole host of changes to its foreign desks in Europe... Simon & Schuster gives Cat Marnell half a million for her memoir. April Fools. Oh wait, no, that's not a joke. Good for her... And there are changes at Google, ABC News and more...

April 2, 2013: Lesley Messer has been named entertainment editor at ABC News Digital. She had been TV and film columnist at People. (FishbowlNY)

April 2, 2013: Kathy Mosher-Boule has been named manager of on-air image and design at LIN Media. She had been vice president of business development at FX Design Group. (TVSpy)

April 2, 2013: Santina Leuci has been named executive editorial producer at ABC News. She had been executive editor there. (TVNewser)

April 2, 2013: Eric Avram has been named senior executive producer at ABC News. He had been executive producer there. (TVNewser)

April 2, 2013: Karen Finney has been named host at MSNBC. She had been contributor there. (TVNewser)

April 2, 2013: Melissa Bonnick has been named senior director of advertising operations at Genesis Media. She had been director of advertising and sponsorships at I-play. (mb)

April 2, 2013: JB Brokaw has been named president of North America at Sociomantic. He had been chief revenue officer and chief client officer at iProspect. (mb)

April 2, 2013: Sharon Bernstein has been named correspondent at Thomson Reuters. She had been editor and producer at NBC Southern California. (FishbowlLA)

April 2, 2013: Rebecca Jarvis has been named chief business and economics correspondent at ABC News. She had been business and finance correspondent at CBS News. (TVNewser)

April 2, 2013: Ryan O'Hanlon has been named associate editor at Pacific Standard. He had been assistant online editor at Outside. (FishbowlLA)

April 2, 2013: Kathy Hostetter has been named news director at WTHR in Indianapolis. She had been news director at WAVE in Louisville, Ky. (TVSpy)

April 2, 2013: Jo Ling Kent has been named reporter at Fox Business Network. She had been reporter at WVIT in Hartford-New Haven, Conn. (TVSpy)

April 2, 2013: Lawrence You has been named director of privacy at Google. He had been engineering director there. (SocialTimes)

April 2, 2013: Molly Baldwin has been named director of editorial operations at She had been group director, Conde Nast productions, at Conde Nast. (release)

April 2, 2013: Alex Erikson has been named editor-in-chief at Next Magazine. He had been senior editor there. (mb)

April 1, 2013: Laura Kelley has been named social media copywriter at RPA. She had been an intern there.

April 1, 2013: Nicholas Jackson has been named digital director at Pacific Standard. He had been digital editorial director at Outside. (mb)

April 1, 2013: Frank Kavilanz has been named SVP for strategy and business development at NowThis News. He had been VP of strategy and business development at NBC Universal News Group. (mb)

April 1, 2013: John Norris has been named supervising producer at Fuse News. He had been writer, host and correspondent at MTV. (mb)

April 1, 2013: Jack Laschever has been named president of Forbes conferences at Forbes Media. He had been chief marketing officer there. (release)

April 1, 2013: Tom Davis has been named chief marketing officer at Forbes Media. He had been VP of sales and marketing there. (release)

April 1, 2013: Katie Farhat has been named business development director at Social Media Link. She had been account executive at and (release)

April 1, 2013: Nancy Bowman has been named senior director of business development at Social Media Link. She had been brand strategist at Zoopa. (release)

April 1, 2013: Amanda Matthews has been named insights manager at Social Media Link. She had been account manager at Millard Brown. (release)

March 31, 2013: Suzanne Weinstock Klein has been named executive editor at Caviar Affair. She had been a freelance writer and editor. (mb)

March 30, 2013: Alexandra Demers has been named media manager at GolinHarris. She had been senior media executive at Edelman. (mb)

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