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party photos

Party Photos: Cocktails in Boston
At Felt, 06.19.03

About 150 Boston media professionals felt the love at Felt the restaurant last week, when mb education director Taffy Akner headed north to show them a good time. The fun continued through the night: Taffy's new bestest friends took her on a whirlwind tour, and she ended the night gorging and dishing at Silvertone with folks from Fast Company, Inc, and The Atlantic.

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(Click for a larger view of the pictures.)

Aspiring sex columnist Sarah Trachtenberg plants one on Ideas Interactive art director Carlyn Cernigla.

Boston Globe reporter Emily Sweeney tries to get close to her old pal, mb's Taffy Akner, while Taffy tries to not get stabbed by the neckwear.

Houghton Mifflin's Peter Mooney, Harvard's Liz Kelly, and Blackwell Publishing's Abby Lewis.

Freelancers Neil Giordano and Chris Berdik believe Yankee magazine's Amy Traverso that her magazine has nothing to do with Boston's baseball nemesis.

The crowd felt (har-har) great.

Freelancer Shannon Okey cuddles up with Taffy.

Freelancers Alan Leo and Annie Zaleski.

Harvard writer Liz Kelly, New Hampshire magazine's Wendy Wood, Wendy's friend Nancy Cox, MIT's Caleb Cochran, arts mag Juicy's lifestyle editor Pete Dulin, and P.R. doyenne Julie Kaster.

Freelance health writer Delia Cabe chats with Jonathan Talbot, Rebecca Deusser, and Nicole Giese, master's students at Boston University's Knight Center for Science and Medical Journalism.

Taffy and her new best friends, the Atlantic clique: staff editor and fiction writer Leslie Cauldwell, designer Lisa Diercks, graphic designer Cristina Villa, production manager Jodi Fisher, and former longtime production director Jan Morris.

Photographs by Taffy Akner.

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