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party photos

Party Photos: Cocktails in Seattle
At Matt's Rotisserie and Oyster Lounge, 07.08.03

Booze, oysters, and good company: Who could ask for anything more? Media-y Seattlites certainly couldn't earlier this month. They had a great time at the most recent mb Pacific Northwest get-together, where they talked, drank, and, in some cases, did strange things with shellfish.

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(Click for a larger view of the pictures.) Seattle co-hostess Alayne Reesberg prepares to greet the guests.

Curt Rosengren and Kristen Davies pose for the camera.

Amanda Koster captures Curt Rosengren and Stan Lee's attention.

Kristen Davies makes a fast get-a-way.

Bob Rosner.

Sable Jak and Michael Bradbury on one side and Sonia Meisenheimer and David Guilbault on the other.

Gil Evan holds court with Alayne Reeberg and Rick Price as Kristina Shevory and Bob Rosner watch.

Alayn Reesberg, Alex Johnson, and Joy Jernigan yuck it up with Alex Dunne in the background.

Photographs by Michael Bradbury and Marcel Eisma.

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