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party photos

Party Photos: Cocktails in Los Angeles
At the Bigfoot Lodge, 08.13.03

Jesse, our editor, may have been trying to get out when he went west on vacation recently, but mb, of course, kept pulling him back in. He didn't mind: He got to host a fabbo cocktail party at L.A.'s wacky (and un-air-conditioned!) logcabin lounge. He got to hang out with all the cool kids, have some tasty cocktails, and even have a run-in with Smokey the Bear.

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(Click for a larger view of the pictures.)

Geoffrey Rose, author of upcoming book Let's Go, and Constance Whitelaw, co-owner of Conscious Colors and a freelance writer.

Freelance writers Richard Horgan and Gerri Miller.

Rachelle Kuchter, an asstistant editor at Trade Show Week and Caltech grad student Dylan Nieman.

Stuart Volkow, Pulse Entertainment's Spence Bovel, and Media Revolution's Paul Vandekamp.

Freelance writer Kai Stevens and record-label owner Maria Amador.

Whitney Friedlander, who's in book publishing, and Jennifer Stuart, who's in—natch—the film industry.

Entertainment Tonight editor David Weiner and freelance writer Theresa Buyikian.

Freelance writers Mica Campbell and Mike Heavers with Primedia's Steve Kedrowski and Dave Druse of Leisure Publications.

Freelance writers Steven Hanna and Lauren Horwitch. managing editor Kim Taylor with Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna, senior editor and sex columnist at Gene Simmons' Tongue.

Freelance graphic designer Ken Wessel, freelance writer Sandra Matke, and Metro Mag's Leslie Davis.

Writer Kate Nielson, mb's Jesse Oxfeld, and Jesse's friend Dylan Nieman.

mb's Jesse with creative director Jill Whysel.

Orange Coast managing editor DeAnna George and editor Tina Borgatta with freelance writers Nelson Handel and Greg Cohn.

Photographs by Jill Whysel.

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