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Party Photos: Cocktails in New York City

At Sui, December 9, 2003

Posted December 22, 2003

Writers, designers, PR execs—people from all kinds of media outlets gathered in the lounge at New York's Sui to revel in the holiday spirit.

Photographs by Suzanne Gerber.

Click on a photo for a larger view.'s Nancy Hwang with Cathy Sharick, a producer at

Partygoers had a great time in the lounge at Sui.

ADInfinitum's account executive Sara Gragnolati and PR account executive Margo Drgos.

Freelance art director and designer Chris Capuano, freelance photographer Maggie Soladay, and clothing designer Paula Fletcher.

Copywriter Kris Pollina,'s Becky Hayes and Nancy Hwang, project manager Rob Kudyba, and Council on Foreign Relations program assistant Gwen Ladich.

MetLife Securities financial planner and writer Edgar Alvarado, actress Anna Malakhova, New York state assembly Brooklyn community liaison Christopher Smith, and freelance writer and editor Lara Merlin.

Sorta Kinda Enterprises designer and owner Wilbur Pack Jr. and freelance writer Nnenko Akpan.

Project manager Rob Kudyba, mb's Becky Hayes, freelance writer and comedian Rebecca Tingley, and Chris Smith.

Freelance writer Barry Goodman, freelance illustrator Rachel Perkins, Thomas Boud, and Lifetime television's librarian, Eugene Myers.

Co-owners of Merci Media Vivek Sharma and Andrew Stone with ADInfinitum's Margo Drgos.

Ho, ho, ho! wishes everyone a happy holiday season!


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