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Party Photos: Cocktails in New York City

At Gstaad, June 15, 2004

Posted July 6, 2004

Well, yeah, it would be great if mb flew all our partiers to the Swiss Alps for a night. But an evening at Chelsea's Gstaad was an awfully enjoyable runner-up, as a crowd of New York editorial staffers discovered last month. Plus, no jet lag.

Photographs by Sarah Stanfield and Barbara Alpert.

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Daily News writer Ed Tahaney with a crew from Time: reporter Barbara Kiviat, reporter Carolina Miranda, and writer and reporter Rebecca Myers.

The Daily Deal senior writers Jonathan Berke and Kelly Holman.

Revolver executive editor Nina Pearlman and Spa Finder senior editor Ann Abel.

Maxim editorial assistant Jon Wilde and assistant editor Steve Kandell.

New York Post reporter William Hoffman, Wine Spectator editor Dana Nigro, and Bergen Record copy editor Carlos Colomer.

Time Warner's Judy Koutsky and Advanstar Communications senior editor Heather Mikesell.

Hotel Interactive editor-in-chief Glenn Haussman and Bloomberg News reporter Adrian Cox. senior editor Stephen Robinson, Automobile Club of New York web editor David Flores, and the gals from Soap Opera Digest: feature writer Elaine Flores and editorial assistant Dorothy Walsh.

Marvel Enterprises editor Jennifer Lee, Lightbulb Press editors Kristin Szostek and Joan Kim, and Marvel Press editor Ruwan Jayatilleke.

The folks from Billboard: rock editor Bram Teitelman, associate editor Katy Kroll, and R&B editor Rashaun Hall.

McGraw-Hill editor Sheela Ponnasamy and Scholastic editor Jack Silbert.

GQ editorial assistant Stephanie Davis and Self editorial assistant Amanda Pressner.

Scholastic designer Louise Bova and Trendspotting PR's Kerstin Hamann.

The CVC Report guys: writer and editor Michael Skalicky and editorial assistant Nathan Whitney.

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