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Party Photos: The Freelancer Party in New York City

At Mannahatta, July 6, 2004

Posted July 19, 2004

"Take me back to Mannahatta," some freelancer must have crooned at some point. (Technically, Cole Porter was was a freelancer, no?) And so that's just what we did a few weeks ago, bringing all sorts of media freelancers from across New York for cocktails and conversation at our favorite Bowery bar.

Photographs by Fiona Lee.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Bianca Jordan, mb's Rachel Sokol, Claudia Hirsch, and National Underwriter Co. senior editor Warren S. Hersch.

Eric Anthony Johnson, Allegra Holch, and Larry Garland.

Whirlaway Media writer-director Chris Grimm and Shaam Jones of ITL Partners.

Writers Janet Aschkenasy, Sue Shapiro, and Devan Sipher, Marcopolo 2000 chief Marc Furstenberg, Lauren Cutler, and Courtney Kenney.

Marlo McGriff, Suchi Saxena, and's Bennett Marcus.

Jason Carpenter, Joe McGurk, and Jessica Handy.

Kristin Towers and Matthew Howes.

mb's Rachel Sokol and Mike Horenstein.

Zink magazine editor Casey Gillespie, Shaam Jones, and Vanessa Craft.

The bustling bar crowd.

EuroRSCG art director Julia Laricheva and copywriter Tom Simmons.

Alan Gross, Rachel Sokol, and Larry Garland.

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