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Party Photos: Cocktails in Toronto

At Cobalt, July 27, 2004

Posted August 23, 2004

When our usual Toronto co-host Sam Hiyate graciously shared duties with an mb newbie, freelancer Sufia Lodhi, all our favorite Toronto media pros came out for a dreamy midsummer night's party.

Photographs by Christos Grivas.

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mb host and Rights Factory literary agent Sam Hiyate, Alias manager of global field communications Chrysoulla Srabian, and The Rights Factory's Christos Grivas.

Ontario Bar Association communications coordinator Garine Tcholakian, Alias communications manager Chrysoulla Srabian, CBC on-air arts reviewer Jelena Mihajlovic, and Global Hermit Media editor Sean Carruthers.

Line of Sight Design associate Teresa Halford and freelance writer Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf.

Freelance writer Jen Horsey and associate editor Andrew MacDonald.

CBC editor Farhan Ahmad and mb hostess Sufia Lodhi.

The Fairmont Hotels publicity contingent�Anne White, Siobhan Flanagan, and Laura Fairweather�and the Ontario Bar Association communications coordinator Garine Tcholakian.

Copywriter Steve Mielczarek, web designer Vivian Kosy, and makeup artist Helen Mackenzie.

Plus1's Cy Campbell and Nishe Media PR and branding director Whitney Westwood.

Editor and photographer Lynn Flatley and writer Georgie Binks.

CBC editor Farhan Ahmad, Chum TV's Yasir Khan, Scotiabank economist Nyka Alexander, and freelance writer Justin Speer.

Filmmakers Shelley James and Hina Khan.

Illustrator Rachelle Maynard and screenwriter Ali Khan.

Global Hermit Media editor Sean Carruthers, story editor David Axelrad, and screenwriter Brigitte Talevski.

Cocoa magazine fashion and beauty editor Vanessa Grant and Arthritis Society communications coordinator Lisa Pridmore.

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