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Party Photos: Cocktails in New York City

At Gallery, October 21, 2004

Posted November 8, 2004

Fresh off the devastating Yankees bruiser that sent the Red Sox on their way to World Series glory, most New Yorkers needed to drown their sorrows somewhere—so we gathered up all the edit staffers we could find and gave them a drink on us.

Photographs by Christian Woods.

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The Daily Deal's Heidi Moore with Trace magazine's Ami Sakai and Sherry Bitting.

VNU Business Media associate editor Loree Stark and Hospitality Design magazine associate editor Tara Mastrelli.

The Weekly Magazine senior editor Jennifer Steil and JTA managing editor Michael Arnold.

MSNBC's Roland Jones, MediaPost executive editor Tobi Elkin, and author Hillary Chura.

Scholastic designer Louise Bova, McGraw Hill associate editor Krista Giovacco, AES Journal senior editor Abbie Cohen, and HFN magazine managing editor Van Sias.

Time Inc. editor Theresa Gonzalez with Newsweek editorial assistants Vanessa Juarez and Sarah Childress.

Reuters desk editor Walker Simon, senior editor Edward Klink, Fast Company's Charles McAteer, Vesna Saksic, and Var Business' Sandra Rufolo.

Us Weekly staff editor Emily Fromm, Teen People's Evan Narcisse, and Child magazine research editor Chris Healy.

Art Times assistant art director Rob Braswell, David Bienstock, CMJ's Marisa Bardach, and High Times managing editor Natasha Lewin.

Kidsbooks managing editor Nancy Ellwood, mb's Laurel Touby, Frontline writer Masahito Yano, US Frontline Watara Tawamoto, and Time Inc.'s Theresa Gonzalez.

Trace magazine's Sherry Bitting, photographer David Neff, NiaOnline editor-in-chief Sheryl Huggins, MediaPost executive editor Tobi Elkin, MSNBC wall street reporter Roland Jones, and Scholastic senior managing editor Mary Harvey. managing editor Jennifer Anderson, Fancy Food magazine contributing editor Gary Distefano, and CVC Report broadcast and cable editor Michael Skalicky.'s Ali and Fernando with Gallery's Lauren.

mb's Laurel Touby with mb photographer Christian Woods.

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