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Party Photos: Cocktails in Toronto

At Bruyea Brothers, November 16, 2004

Posted January 14, 2005

Down here, our Novembers are filled with donkeys, elephants, and turkeys. What do our neighbors to the north have? We're not sure, but cheap drinks, free food, and lots of mb love are never a bad start.

Photographs by Nick Trainos.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

AOL Canada finance channel manager Liz Metcalfe, Mediaworks director Geroge Perdicaris, and mb hostess Sufia Lodhi.


Writers Jessica Westhead, Sarah Selecky, Lerelynne Phillips, and Kim Harkness.

mb's co-host Sam Hiyate and freelancer Kimberley Stanley.'s hostess Sufia Lodhi, Magenta Foundation's Maryann Camilleri, and photographer Louie Palu.

Media Scribe's Maria Koukopoulos and freelancer Austin Macdonald.

Travel Marketing's Britt Hamilton with Mediaworks' George Perdicaris.

Freelancer Kimberley Stanley with writers Sarah Selecky and Kim Harkness.

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