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Party Photos: Drinks for Science, Medical, and Tech Media in NYC

At The Windfall Lounge, February 9, 2005

Posted February 25, 2005

We once again teamed up with the Science Writers in New York to toast all those media pros who cover and promote the progress of science. To health!

Photographs by Jeri Yoshida.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

MedEdit writer Holy Stevens, Scientist deputy editor and mb instructor Ivan Oransky, freelancer Don Monroe, and City of New York scientific publications director Lise Stevens.

Freelancer Janice Kirkel, Liberty Science Center writer Karen de Steve, and American Museum of Natural History writer Kevin Boyd.

NOVA Science Now's Andrea Cross, freelancer Lynne Lederman, and NOVA Science Now development producer Kyla Dunn.

Freelancer Norman Bauman, Medical Scientific English editor Lawrence Greenberg, and freelancer Jane Everhart.

Rachel Dvoskin, MAMM magazine editorial assistant Shan Li, Trevor Stokes, and Ivan Oransky.

Reuters medical journalist Karla Gale and Fidencia Solomon.

Science writer Jim Stallard and freelancer Christopher Mims.

O magazine's Laurence Gravitz, Fenella Saunders, and freelancer Ken Kostel.

Freelancers Lynne Lederman and Diana Gitig.

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