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Party Photos: Goes West

At Warszawa, March 8, 2005

Posted March 25, 2005

We are officially bicoastal! AvantGuild members from the East and the West joined us—and our newly installed West Coast LEARN director Taffy Akner—to celebrate the launch of Los Angeles at this delicious Eastern European spot.

Photographs by Jason Faries.

Click on a photo for a larger view.'s West Coast director of education Taffy Akner with freelancers Clay Shivers and Susan Sheu.

Freelancers Paul Spindler and George Angelo.

Fit Pregnancy magazine senior associate editor Maureen Healy, freelancer Judy Sandra, and Physical magazine managing editor Denise Castanon.

Freelancers Paul Pender and Mary Duffy.

Whole Life Times editor-in-chief Abigail Lewis, freelancer Erwin Ong, and freelancer Chrys Wu.

Freelancer Natalie Dunbar with L.A. Daily Journal staff writer Draeger Martinez.

Fit Pregnancy magazine's Maureen Healy, freelancer Nancy Steinert, and photo editor Karen Maze.

Freelancer Chrys Wu, mb hostess Taffy Akner, and freelancer Liane Bonin.

Mongoose Entertainment senior editor Janet Ginsburg with Jess Holl.

Fujisankei Communications assistant general manager James Topham and freelancer Michael Berick.

Freelancer Cynthia Kulikov and Tony the bartender.

mb's Taffy Akner, Entertainment Weekly's Greg Kirschling, and editor Heather Wood.

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