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Party Photos: Cocktails in Los Angeles

At The Georgian Hotel, April 6, 2005

Posted April 15, 2005

We kicked off a new series of cocktail parties designed exclusively for the literary community with some of L.A.'s best authors, essayists, and journalists over great drinks and hors d'oeuvres at this fun oceanfront hotel.

Photographs by Jason Faries.

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The Georgian Hotel.

Writers Mary Duffy and George Wolfe with book editor and fiction writer Nomi Isak Kleinmuntz.

Actress Christina Haag with writer Bill Stadiem.

Author Janine Warner, freelancer David LaFontaine, Ted Perkins, and author Melissa Heckscher.

Freelancers Susan Shen and Chris Leavins with author Wendy Dale, Black Voices columnist Camille Lowry, and writer Deanna Brady.

Writers Linda Immediato, Amie Coue Arbuckle, Alissa Walker, and Margaret Wappler.

TV producer Kim Klein and TV host Dr. Natalie Petouhoff.

Actor Sean Biggins and writer Mary Feuer.

Author Michael Datcher and book editor Nomi Isak Kleinmuntz.

Jewish Journal managing editor Amy Klem with freelancers T.J. Sullivan and Susan Josephs.


Writer Naomi Glauberman and journalist Mark Ebner with writers Richard Rushfield and Lori Kozlowski.

Novelist Lawrence Everett Forbes and author Daniel Cauterucci.

Freelance writers MeiMei Fox, Cindy Collins, and Anne Dickhoff.

Producer Jesse Rhines and novelist Trey Ellis.

Freelancer Mich Kubiaj, author Jen Sincero, author Cecil Castellucci, and radio hostess Carolyn Kellogg.


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