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Party Photos: Cocktails in New York City

At M1-5, April 12, 2005

Posted April 29, 2005

This time, media pro's from all zoning codes joined Laurel for sweat drink deals at this Tribeca relaxed hangout.

Photographs by Matilde Damele.

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Sony BMG sales administration director Karen Cunningham, Parsons Corp. communications liaison Joseph Mendez, and freelancer Leo Castro.

Freelance reporter Laurie Wiegler, HarperCollins Publishers editorial assistant Steven Padnick, and New Pantaguel managing editor Christi Foist.

Incisive Media's Saskia Scholtes and Sean O'Callaghan with HurryDate PR manager Julie Lin.

Pentagram graphic designer Katie Osborn, Array magazine's Frank Samperi, Better Homes and Gardens magazine senior designer Stephanie Pilipie, and NYCEDC graphic designer Matthew Shields.

Court TV associate producers Yania Izquierdo and Anika Bent-Albert with Court TV production assitant Jaime Mui.

Morgan Stanley auditor Titilayo Ngwenya, NY Gang's Kurt Opprecht, and Penguin senior editor Marian Lizzi.

Sony Music publishing assistant Kori Burkholder and Francisca Public Relations' Altovise Fleary.

VitruvianMen co-founder Jarrad Berman, Hippocrene Books editorial assistant William Helms, freelancer Qian Li, and Fairchild Publications special projects coordinator Nick Turner.

Arcade Marketing art director Allen Kushner with Scholastic editors Marry Harvey and Carly Entin.

NY Gang's Kurt Opprecht, BBC producer and director Glen Levy, founder Laurel Touby,'s Maitland McDonagh, and Newsday's Frank Lovece.

Communication Partners and Associates account executive Marissa Tuchband, photographer David Neff, and Sui Genius Publications' Violet Yume.

Vicinity Publications writer Tim Hoey and Newsday writer Richard Torres

Freelancer Leo Castro and Daymoon designer Tom Raab.

Financial Dynamics' Lauren Stein and Wall Street Journal's Jennifer Saranow.

Financial Dynamics' Paul Patella, ESPN magazine general editor Alison Overholt, and Financial Dynamics' Krista Otis.

Most Remarkable's James Gay and Joel Peterson with assistant editor Elliot Olshansky. senior producer Adam Glenn, NBC News senior assignment editor Pamela Gould, CBS producer Mark Macias, and NBC News assignment editor Jen Askin.

MBC's Andrew Ahalienti and Diesel PR assistant Abdul Ismail.

Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu administrative assistant Gabriel Belliard with WNBC's Jermaine Buchanan.

NYCEDC's Matthew Schields and Jetta Sky principal Jennifer Salerno.

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