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Party Photos: Cocktails for Entertainment Media in Los Angeles

At The Courtyard, May 16, 2005

Posted May 27, 2005

WeHo meets Bilbao in The Courtyard, the lively West Hollywood restaurant where we joined our SoCal constituents for an evening of first-rate conversation, sumptuous Spanish eats and, of course, sangria (five varieties to choose from!).

Photographs by Jason Faries.

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Freelancers Emily Melhorn, Michelle Markowitz, and Davina Harilelz.

Freelance film critic Lark Aldrin-Fieman, mb's Taffy Akner, freelance entertainment journalist Dave Waldon, and freelance journalist Gerri Miller.

Music journalists Steven Rosen and Michael Berick.

Variety's Denise Martin and freelance writer Geoff Berkshire.

Jesse Rhines and graphic designer Joe Micallef.

Entertainment writer Diedre Johnson, technical editor Barry Rudolph, and writer Libby Slate.

Journalist Anna David and author Melissa Delacruz.

Freelancer Steve Pride and film critic Lydia Marcus.

Variety reporter Claude Brodesser and freelancer Erwin Ong.

Freelance writer Steve Valentine and talent writer Sam Russel.

Photo editor Eddie Miller and film magic photo editor Evans Ward.

Freelancer Jude Timm, writer/editor Judy Jordan, and Jesse Rhines.

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