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Party Photos: Cocktails for Screenwriters in Los Angeles

At Oliver Lounge & Cafe, May 23, 2005

Posted June 17, 2005

On a recent Los Angeles eve, we raised a glass—several glasses, really—to toast the city's underpaid majority: Screenwriters in search of a big break. Festivities were moved along by generous helpings of Modern Spirits—a delicious sipping vodka invented by the hubby of our own nine-time mb student Litty Mathew!

Photographs by Jason Faries.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Modern Spirits' co-founder Litty Mathew looks on as mediabistro's West Coast maven Taffy Akner raises the roof in celebration of vodka!

Screenwriter Joe Velikovsku with Daniel R. Cauterucci.

Modern Spirits' co-founder Melkon Khosrovian with screenwriter Lowell Goodman.

mb's Taffy Akner and Max Adams.

Modern Spirits' Litty Mathew and screenwriter Graham Flashner.

Chris Doyle and Max Adams.

Screenwriter Tom Alvarado with Taffy.

Writer and stand-up comedian Klinger with writer Charles Constant.

Writers Steven Matty and Lee Ross chat about... writing?

We wouldn't normally include such a promotional shot, but the Tri Delt in us thinks this looks completely delicious.

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