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How To Pitch for PR: The Daily Meal How To Pitch for PR: The Daily Meal
Publicists who can "harvest the delicious and discard the mundane" will win big at this foodie site.
By Kate Parham, January 9, 2012


How To Pitch for PR: B5 Media
Publicists should jumpstart conversations across all five blogs with product pitches tied to unusual story angles.
By Jessica Howell, November 22, 2011
How To Pitch For PR: Smart Luxury Travel
Keep editors updated on all things new in luxury travel to score PR real estate in this recently revamped pub.
By Rani Long, May 26, 2011
How To Pitch For PR: SmartMoney
On the money PR pitches targeting the sophisticated investor are wanted at this finance title.
By Aria Hughes, May 22, 2011
How To Pitch For PR: Every Day With Rachael Ray
The editors at this redesigned mag want publicists to keep it simple when submitting food, travel and craft queries.
By Rani Long, May 19, 2011
How To Pitch For PR: Time Out Chicago
Court the editors of Second City's go-to weekly with PR pitches that grant plenty of access.
By Janelle Harris, March 10, 2011
How To Pitch For PR:
Editors at this food site crave PR submissions that cover unorthodox food fare, new products and cooking trends.
By Rani Long, February 22, 2011
How To Pitch For PR: Complex
Your client could make the cut in this urban men's lifestyle pub if you propose Web-friendly pitches about gear, music and celebs.
By Rani Long, February 3, 2011
How To Pitch For PR: Mashable
In addition to people and product pitches, this social media and tech resource welcomes guest writers who can offer unique insights and savvy takeaways.
By Whitney McKnight, September 20, 2010
How To Pitch For PR:
Fashion lovers flock to this site for industry insiders, so pitch designers, stylists, products, and more to reach this trendsetting audience.
By Blake Gernstetter, September 14, 2010
How To Pitch For PR: Seventeen
Reach teens with on-trend ideas in fashion, beauty, health and more, and think about ways to make your idea resonate on and off the page (read: digital and social media).
By Whitney McKnight, June 21, 2010
How To Pitch For PR: Video
Take your PR pitch from concept to studio with big-name access and visual appeal to reach millions of sports fans on this Web video channel.
By Jessica Howell, June 1, 2010
How To Pitch For PR: People
Reaching millions of readers, this PR pro-friendly outlet wants personality-centric pitches that will 'drive the cultural conversation.'
By Saptosa Foster, April 5, 2010
How To Pitch For PR:
Exclusive, timely PR pitches will land your item on this highly-trafficked entertainment news site for the urban set.
By Terry Wynn II, April 1, 2010
How To Pitch For PR: Harvard Business Review
Pitch like an editor to get your idea reviewed at this business pub, which seeks exclusive and engaging coverage of industry leaders.
By Jessica Howell, February 15, 2010
How To Pitch For PR:
We kick off our new How To Pitch for PR series with a breakdown of entertainment site's criteria for pitching pop culture scoops about the young, black, and fabulous.
By Terry Wynn II, January 19, 2010