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Vice President of Sales
Haymarket Media, Inc. in New York, NY

Creative Technologist
New York Times in New York, NY

Digital Marketing Manager
KTRK-TV ABC13 in Houston, TX

Senior Editor -
Boston Globe Media in Boston, MA

Digital Media Planner
iCrossing, Inc. in San Francisco, CA

Market Reporter
American Metal Market in New York, NY

Associate Marketing Director
Moffly Media in Westport, CT

Senior Data Scientist
Magnani Caruso Dutton in Chicago, IL

Editorial Director
HarperCollins Publishers in New York, NY


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Party Photos: All-Media in Chicago

Friday, Feb 03

MB celebrated the New Year with a Chicago All-Media party hosted by producer Stuart Cleland, editor Caroline Manley, and senior editor Jennifer Morrell. Room 22 proved yet again to be an ideal meeting spot with a turnout of over 90 people! Guests chatted the night away while sipping on the bar's famous martinis and happily posing for pictures. Caroline and Jennifer proudly flaunted their feather boas while showing Amanda Guralski (host-in-training) the ropes of an mb party. Although Stuart was not clad in a feather boa, he was still able to live up to his mb host status! We hope to see all of you at next month's event!

-Caroline Manley, Chicago hostess

At Room 22, January 12, 2006

Photos by Victor Echevarria & Jennie Rodriguez
Twirl Advertising and Design

mb hosts and Business Wire editor Caroline Manley and Chicago Agent Magazine and Chicagoland Avenues Magazine senior editor Jennifer Morrell

MB volunteers Elizabeth Denton and Camille Frankiln

Acuity Magazine publisher Carla Spann and AFRA AND S.A.G. freelance representative Jolene Jones

Associated Publications assistant editor Tasha Downing and Mike Schwarz

Project coordinator Valerie Hill, Hill & Knowlton vice president Veronica Clemons, and relationship manager Alexi Hall

Writer/editor Tracy Ziemer and JBR Entertainment president J.B. Rose

Kaplan Publishings'associate publicist Lisa Schuble, marketing communications manager Courtney Gleothals, and corporate marketing manager April Timm

Caroline Manely, Consumer Digest copy editor Chad Rubel, and Twirl Advertsing partner and creative director Jennie Rodriguez

Writer Lee Epstein, This Week in Education writer and editor Alexander Russo, and Chicago Life Magazine account executive Gabriel Magliano

MB's Jennifer Morrell and Web Espionage president Todd Allen

Writer Steve Olive and mb host and producer Stuart Cleland

Chicago Magazine account executive Martha Watterson and guest

Sports Nippon Newspaper Japanese Correspondent Hiro Abe, Hyde Park Herald reporter Erin Meyer, and MB Communications founder Matt Baron

The Hotel Networks advertising vice president Pamela Toohey and writer Lydia Marchuk

Candy Industry's Marty Vershaw, Flux & Fire Marketing's Lynn Webb, Digital Boot Camp commander-in-chief Michael Carruth, Excela media representative Tonia Vershaw

Carat USA print buyer Barbara London and freelancer Jen Cullerton Johnson

Room 22's Yosif Dimitnov, Edyta Brys, and Ninous Hinaro

Jennie Rodriguez and Twirl Advertising & Design Victor Echevarria

Jennifer Morrell and Urban Ministries assistant editor Cheryl Wilson

The mbChicago family: Camille Franklin, Jennifer Morell, Stuart Cleland, Caroline Manely, Amanda Guralski, and Elizabeth Denton

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