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Party Photos: Secrets of a Fix-Up Fanatic Party in NY

Friday, Feb 23

R Bar was packed from wall to plush, padded wall with mb patrons looking to escape the cold and grab a signed copy of mb instructor Sue Shapiro's book, Secrets of a Fix-Up Fanatic. True to her book's catchy title, Sue played matchmaker to a handful of hopefuls just in time for Valentine's Day. If they're at a party, you know they're a keeper!

At R Bar, February 13, 2007

Photos by Joseph Silva

NY070213_shapiro 001.jpg hostess and author of Secrets of a Fix-Up Fanatic, Sue Shapiro

NY070213_shapiro 002.jpg
Marin Resnick, Renee Watson, Sue Shapiro and Victoria Moy

NY070213_shapiro 004.jpg
Book seller Eric Fitzgerald

NY070213_shapiro 005.jpg
Natasha Glasser and Jack Haley

NY070213_shapiro 006.jpg
HarperCollins Publishers editorial assistant Laura Marchesani, Insomnia Cookies public relations assistant Rachel Basse, and HarperCollins Publishers sales assistant Emily White

NY070213_shapiro 007.jpg
Rob Bates and Stacey Kramer

NY070213_shapiro 008.jpg
Bantam Dell senior editor Danielle Perez and Todd Jackson

NY070213_shapiro 011.jpg
Pamela Ryckman and Matthew Brozik

NY070213_shapiro 012.jpg
Women's World Magazine features editor Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh, Stop Stressing Out writer/blogger Zohar Adner, and ObliqSound marketing manager Stephanie Jo Klein

NY070213_shapiro 013.jpg
CBS Television sports assistant editor/freelance writer Eva Fattahi, Parsons Corp. community liason Joseph Mendez, and Geniene Krumper

NY070213_shapiro 017.jpg
Dom Mecca and Sarah E. Needleman

NY070213_shapiro 018.jpg
Loren Bonner and Tuan Nguyen

NY070213_shapiro 019.jpg
Candace Johnson and Sapient art director Omar Fajardo

NY070213_shapiro 020.jpg
Alexi Remnek, Daniel Garcia and Jay Walsh

NY070213_shapiro 022.jpg
Merrill Lynch specialist John Friedman and Doubleday Entertainment/Mystery Guild copywriter Laurie Davie

NY070213_shapiro 023.jpg
Scholastic editorial assistant Gregory Rutty, Lucas Klauss, and Scholastic associate editor Rotem Moscovich

NY070213_shapiro 025.jpg
Susan Shapiro shares her words of wisdom

NY070213_shapiro 027.jpg
Anojja Shah, Wendy Toth, Jeff Nishball and Jaime Jordan

NY070213_shapiro 029.jpg
IcedMedia general manager Robbie Sokolowsky and freelance writer Eleanor Goldberg

NY070213_shapiro 028.jpg
The crowd

NY070213_shapiro 014.jpg
The scene

NY070213_shapiro 003.jpg
Sue Shapiro's table of books

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