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Party Photos: The All-Media Party in Los Angeles

Wednesday, Mar 12

Is it cool in here, or is it just me? Air Conditioned Lounge was the perfect place for folks to come together for the All-Media Party on February 13. A great time was had by all, as guests enjoyed conversations, and tasty concoctions.

A special thanks to Air Conditioned Lounge for providing a lush backdrop for what proved to be an enjoyable evening.

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    At Air Conditioned Lounge on February 13, 2008

    Photos by Naoe

    Andy Roving, Shange Amani, NPR representative Farai Chideya, and XM Radio-CostcoConnection writer Diana Jordan.

    Book Ends representative Sehnita Joshua Mattison, freelance writer Jen Jones, Big Fish Marketing representative Brenda Pomeroy, and Verse Communications representaitve Allison Perkins.

    MB_021308_008_1.jpg host Michelle Thatcher, freelance writer Palanda Brownlow, and freelance journalist and screenwriter Scott Brion.

    Freelance writer Jeff Wynne and freelance writer Ezra Davidson.

    Art director Lynne Pelky, journalist Elizabeth Wilcox, and writer and journalist Jason Feller.

    Abigail Parsons, talent executive and casting director Heather Douglas, American Idol crew member Julie Donsky, and talent coordinator Rebecca Lambrecht.

    Reelz Channel production assistant Dave Taylor, Rangefinder Magazine editorial assistant Jennifer Chen, and freelance tech writer Dave Isaac.

    Event producer Belinda Cheng, publicity representative Sonia Koo, business developer Drew Johnson, and MGM distribution representative Yaosh Ho.

    XM Radio-CostcoConnection writer Diana Jordan, voiceover actor Amy King, and freelance journalist and screenwriter Scott Brion.

    Another successful event!

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