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Vice President of Sales
Haymarket Media, Inc. in New York, NY

Creative Technologist
New York Times in New York, NY

Digital Marketing Manager
KTRK-TV ABC13 in Houston, TX

Senior Editor -
Boston Globe Media in Boston, MA

Digital Media Planner
iCrossing, Inc. in San Francisco, CA

Market Reporter
American Metal Market in New York, NY

Associate Marketing Director
Moffly Media in Westport, CT

Senior Data Scientist
Magnani Caruso Dutton in Chicago, IL

Editorial Director
HarperCollins Publishers in New York, NY


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Party Photos: The All-Media Party in Portland

Friday, Jun 22

The sun came out on cue in Portland's Pearl District just in time for spring's all-media gathering. Folks enjoyed Holden's delish snacks and the special drink of the evening — pink lemonade with a kick — as they mingled among mostly MB-newbies. Just when we thought we'd met all of the Rose City's media types, fresh new faces emerge. Here's to summer!

--Stacey Wilson, Portland mb hostess

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    At Holden's Bistro on June 13, 2007

    MB hostesses_Beth M Howard and Stacey Wilson.jpg hostesses Beth Howard and Stacey Wilson.

    AP photographer Anthony Pigeon and Diana Jordan.jpg
    AP photographer Anthony Pigeon and Infinity Broadcasting health/science journalist Diana Jordan.

    Bernadette Baker_Jennifer Drey_Brad Upchurch_Elizabeth Wolfe.jpg
    Literary agent Bernadette Baker, Prospect News reporter Jennifer Drey, writer Brad Upchurch, and Stoel Rives LLP editor Elizabeth Wolfe.

    Erica Cuestra_Laurence Cotton_Maria Osterroth.jpg
    Writer Erica Cuestra, writer/producer Laurence Cotton, and El Centinela and El Hispanic News reporter Maria Osterroth.

    Jennifer Brown and Angie Marsh.jpg
    Multinomah Athletic Club editor Jennifer Brown and freelance writer Angie Marsh.

    Megan McMorris_Andrew Holt.jpg
    Freelance writer Megan McMorris and HoltzReport chief Andrew Holtz.

    Jennifer Willis and Heather Strang.jpg
    Freelance writer Jennifer Willis and freelancer Heather Strang.

    Kristen Hall-Geisler_Nino Marchetti_Laura Fravel_Julian Smith.jpg
    Freelance writer Kristen Hall-Geisler, freelancer Nino Marchetti, script writer/producer Laura Fravel, and freelancer Julian Smith.

    Matt Monroe and freelancer Megan McMorris.jpg
    Photographer Matt Monroe and freelancer Megan McMorris.

    Laura Fravel_Bernadette Baker_Joe Nozemack_Seth Ford_Jennifer Drey.jpg
    Script writer/producer Laura Fravel, literary agent Bernadette Baker, freelancer Joe Nozemack, writer Seth Ford, and Prospect News reporter Jennifer Drey.

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