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Party Photos: The Freelance Party

Friday, Oct 05

Score another fantastic party for freelancers! It almost felt like summer again as we gathered for an excellent soirée at The Delancey's lovely rooftop bar. Thanks to our gracious hostesses, Lisa Gill and Aimee Rinehart, a great time was had by all!

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    At The Delancey on September 26th 2007

    Photos by Steve Burke

    Valley Crest Productions representative Gregory Bacani, hostess Aimee Rinehart, and Eshelman Photography founder Charles Eshelman.

    Freelance writer Celine Antoine, Figura Media LLC representative Thiago Da Costa, and representative Sebastien Brettes.

    RTC representatives Jeff Monteith and Tania Camargo, Natexes representative Tom Caron, and Commerce Bank representative Sophie Conversin.

    UNDP representatives Andie Davis and Katrin Park.

    Freelance journalist Chantelle Fiddy and writer/producer Victoria Bert.

    Publicist Teddy Hose, freelance journalist Chantelle Fiddy, Junction Jump representative Jason Tyrpell, Sudler & Hennesy representative Art Siriamonthep, The Garden UK staffer and music journalist Hattie Collins, freelance journalist and translator Aiko Ishikawa, and writer Damon Fournia.

    Freelance book reviewer Glenn Speer, Big Deal Public Relations representative Carri Bugbee, LTB Media representatives Scott Levander, El Kazan, and Allison Coles, and Ashley Pound Design founder Ashley Pound.

    WLNY-TV representative Suzanne Goldkang, AETN representative Rosette Cordero, Source Media project coordinator Amilda Dymi, and The News Times reporter Karen Ali.

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