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Jobless Claims Fall for Fourth Consecutive Week

extra extraThis year is shaping up to be a very good one! Here’s why: the Labor Department reported jobless claims totaling 280,000 for the week ending December 20. This is a decrease of 9,000 from the previous week’s level of 289,000.

This is also a lower number than economists surveyed by Bloomberg. Their original projection? 290,000! This marks the fourth consecutive week of a decline in unemployment claims. Read more

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Three Steps to a Successful Digital Cleanse

no emailIf you’re planning on cutting back your digital presence the next several days, good luck!

Half-kidding. It’s more like good for you!

We’re impressed by your motivation but you may not even realize how attached you are to your device until you deprive yourself from logging on. Thanks to a few tips outlined in Inc., there are indeed ways to survive and thrive sans technology (at least for a few days). Read more

How to Remain Positive When Receiving Negative Feedback

noIf your year-end performance review was less than stellar, don’t sweat it. It’s bound to happen at some point, right?

According to a piece on CNN, the key is hearing things you may need to hear.

So, how can you keep those ears open when your boss is giving you feedback that’s difficult to stomach? The piece recommends reminding yourself you’re actually in control. How you respond will determine how the rest of the conversation goes and how much you actually get out of it.  Read more

Three Ways to Make the Most Out of Downtime at Work

ImproveJobProspectsHello, holidays! Helllllllo, downtime.

If your office is getting more and more quiet by the hour, rejoice! Enjoy the peace and quiet and downtime. Now, we’re not saying to take a two-hour lunch at Macy’s for last minute sales. Rather, enjoy the lighter workload and empty in-box by taking advantage of productive time that’s not too intense.

1. Set new goals. For starters, take this focused, quiet time for some introspection. Where do you want your career to be one year from now when you’re recapping 2015? Are you looking for a new job in the new year? Promotion? New responsibilities? Contemplating a lateral move to redirect your career for a more powerful position? Or maybe you’re considering going freelance full-time. Read more

Three Signs You Bombed the Job Interview

Job interviewWe’re all about being positive here at MediaJobsDaily, but let’s face it. Sometimes the interview just did not go as well as planned.

Maybe you were nervous. Maybe the interviewer behaved badly and was completely disinterested and/or distracted. Maybe the role wasn’t clearly defined.

Whatever the reason, there are several ways to read the signs and trust your gut this just isn’t the job for you. Sometimes it’s not as clear so this piece on Monster outlined a few signs it was a bust. Read more

If You Get Fired, Can You Still Get Your Job Back?

Turnober-Intern-Post-FIA similar headline in today’s New York Post caught our attention. At first glance we’re thinking wait a second, if you’re fired why would you ever want to work for that same employer again? Dignity, people!

But then the question got more interesting. The reader was hired by a grocery store owner to work for the produce manager who — a-ha! — did not interview the reader.

“From day one he treated me like a clerk instead of as an assistant manager, rejecting every suggestion I made for improvements.”

Well, the reader got fired and the owner admitted it wasn’t the assistant manager’s fault — they were paying him or her too much for what they actually needed to get done. Read more

Two Squarespace Employees Replicate Masterpieces at the Office

Courtesy of @FoolsDoArt on Instagram

Courtesy of @FoolsDoArt on Instagram

How’s this for productivity during coffee breaks at the office?

Francesco Fragomeni and Chris Limbrick, two Squarespace employees, have two rules posted on their Instagram account, FoolsDoArt.

“All props must be found in office and all editing done on a phone.” Essentially, they remake famous paintings in the office. Read more

Survey Reveals Job Hopping Stigma No Longer Exists

job-interviewIf you’re concerned about staying at your current employer for at least two years for fear of being perceived as a job hopper, this news may brighten your day.

According to an Accountemps survey, 57 percent of workers between 18 and 34-years-old believe job hopping isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, they believe it can actually help their careers!

Percentages decrease as age increases but are still higher than what we originally anticipated: 38 percent of workers between 35 and 54 mentioned job hopping isn’t bad and 22 percent of the 55+ crowd felt that way, too. Read more

Could You Imagine Zip Lining to Work? Meet One Village in China

no carsThe next time you’re frustrated by the daily grind of your commute whether it’s being stuck in traffic or stuck on a train incredibly close to your neighbors (and by that, we mean total strangers sporting pickle breath), think about a less than stellar alternative.

That is, residents of the Yushan village in China live remotely. So remotely, in fact, they need to be transported via a tiny cable car. Essentially, the zip line is suspended over 1,500-feet and acts as the ultimate way to literally access the outside world! Read more

Jobless Claims Drop; Economists Rejoice

job searchGood news on the job market front! The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits dropped last week.

For the week ending December 13, the fewest claims were made since early November, according to the Department of Labor. The magic number was 289,000 and we simply have to mention claims have been less than 300,000 for the past 14 weeks!

This means just what you think — employers aren’t giving pink slips as fast and furiously as they previously were and hiring is as its strongest since 1999.

According to a piece on Bloomberg, Stephen Stanley indicated, “Labor demand has in fact picked up a bit.”

The chief economist at Amherst Pierpont Securities mentioned in a research note, “Chair Yellen set continued improvement in labor market conditions as the key requirement to justify liftoff at some point next year, and the data continue to support that scenario.”