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Human Resource

How to Handle E-Cigarette Policies in the Office

ecigaretteThis piece in The New York Post caught our eye. An employee is concerned e-cigarettes have been banned in the office per the company’s non-smoking policy.

The argument is that e-cigarettes don’t emit smoke – “they emit vapor.” Um, not so fast.

Per the piece, Greg Giangrande, HR executive in the media industry, points out the popularity of e-cigarettes is pushing the envelope regarding smoking in public places. And yes, policies were meant to be followed. Read more

New Job Board Launches for Candidates With Disabilities

Job-SearchThis just in…Enable America has launched their official online jobs board for people with disabilities. As companies continue to assemble diverse teams, they can provide their mission statement online and their latest career opportunities for candidates to review.

Per the press release, Senator Tom Harkin explained, “Employment of people with disabilities is not something that is a charitable act. That’s not what we’re about.” Read more

How to Make Reverse Mentoring Work for You

new_twitter_logoIf you’re an older worker and your company has a reverse mentoring program for younger employees to train you on technology, no worries there.

There’s no need to be concerned if you’ll look like a dinosaur. After all, the program was implemented for a reason. Per the New York Post though just be sure you don’t refer to social media as “the Twitter.” Read more

Happy Quitting! TheLadders Introduces Resignation Texts (Yes, There’s an App for That)

mobile phones

We know the feeling all too well when you’re completely ready to quit your job but perhaps you’ve been delaying the end date due to that otherwise awkward conversation with your boss.

Well, mobile recruiting company TheLadders has teamed up with the creators of Breakup Text to help remedy this situation with the Quit Your Job App.

Really? Oh yes.

Per the notification we received, all you need to do is tell the app why you’re leaving and what your plans are and the messaging system will be able to send that text to your boss. Here’s an example… Read more

How to Manage Your Staff Regarding Snow Days

snowmanIf you feel like a little kid when it’s a snow day, raise your hand!

Sure, you can probably work from home, avoid a treacherous commute and enjoy the comfort of your couch. Can you deflect agita though from a boss who may think you and the team are taking advantage?

When it comes to managing snow days, it becomes a completely different story. Imagine leading a team who wants to bail every time meteorologists predict snow. According to today’s New York Post, there are ways to handle the situation so it doesn’t get out of hand.

The key is first ensuring your safety is not at risk and also making sure your kids will be adequately supervised if their schools are closed.  Read more

South Korean Lawmakers Pass Bill to Prevent Employers Asking Applicants Their Height and Weight

jobs classifiedYes, you read that right. In South Korea, per The Wall Street Journal, it’s apparently not uncommon for employers to ask job applicants personal information like their height, weight, blood type and the education level of their parents.

Wait, what?

That’s what we said! Get this — Nexen Corporation, a rubber product maker, asks candidates to divulge where they’re originally from, weight, height, eyesight, blood type, religion and civil state. That’s a far cry from the many questions here which are off-limits. Rule of thumb on this side of the pond: If it’s not relevant to the job, it’s not relevant information to share! But alas, that’s our mindset, not theirs. Read more

Marijuana Use Becomes Legal in Colorado Next Week; Employers Can Still Create Their Own Policies

coloradoNext Wednesday, apparently recreational marijuana use will become legal in Colorado but if you work there, think twice before lighting up at the office.

We read in the Wall Street Journal that employers can still create their own drug rules. Better yet, they can enforce them, too per state law that was approved last year. Some companies may say employees aren’t allowed to smoke on their property whereas others may not be able to smoke during down time, mainly due to employer-related drug tests. Read more

Should Companies Post Employees’ Salaries Online? This Start-Up Just Did…

moneyWhen we read about one start-up posting their employees’ salaries online, we did a double take.

According to Quartz, the social media startup Buffer posted salaries of everyone. And we do mean everyone, including its CEO! Per a blog post last week, CEO Joel Gascoigne wrote, “We hope this might help other companies think about how to decide salaries, and will open us up to feedback from the community.”

This begs the question: If you worked there, what would your reaction be to having your salary posted online? We’ve heard about other companies in HR-land discuss posting salaries for internal eyes only but again, we wonder what the benefit is? Read more

Should You Return to a Former Employer? Well, It Depends…

Job-SearchIn the HR world, this topic comes up more often than you’d think. Boomerangs. That is, former employees who resign to pursue new endeavors only to find out the grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side. In turn, they come back to a former employer.

According to a piece in The New York Post, it’s always key to leave a former employer on good terms.

And, keep it mind this depends on the situation. Some employers may walk employees out the door when they resign and if so, you’d probably be wise to stay away from returning to a company that exhibits such a practice.  Read more

Security Guards Lose Jobs After Taking Photos With Tom Brady

footballThe moral of this story you’re about to read is this: Know your employer’s policy about photos and adhere to it.

Here’s how it went down, per a piece we read on AOL Jobs. Two security guards, Joel Williams and Christopher Moore, at Reliant Stadium in Houston ran into Tom Brady on Sunday after his team defeated the Texans.

After talking with Brady, Williams told him, “Good game….You’re my favorite quarterback and all that good stuff.”

Then he and Moore asked the footballer if they could take a photo together. Although Brady seemed fine with it, per the piece, the Contemporary Services Corporation higher ups were less than pleased.

The employer released a statement to KTRK, the local station in Houston:

“It is strictly against CSC policy for its employees to request photos or autographs from players. CSC stands by its decision to terminate the two employees who violated this policy.” Read more