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Personal Branding

Six Questions to Ask Yourself Before Negotiating Freelance Gigs

moneyIf you’re a freelancer, raise your hand!

If you’re hesitant to negotiate, don’t be shy. By sheer definition of being a freelancer, we’re always hustling. And always negotiating. Seriously. Sometimes we don’t even realize we do it and yet, we’re still doing it.

According to a post on Freelancers Union, there are a few tips to keep in mind when negotiating. For starters, never say “um” and don’t let nerves take hold of your emotions. Stay calm, cool and collected and better yet, keep these six questions in mind. Read more

Smart Move? Toiling Away Long Hours at the Office to Prove Dedication

hangoverHave you ever stayed at the office past typical working hours even though you weren’t really productive?

Join the club. Per this piece in today’s New York Post, people stay at the office until their boss leaves. At that point, they follow suit and head to the nearest exist as well. One New York-based professional explained he “wouldn’t look dedicated” to his job if he left 90 minutes before everyone else.

We have to wonder aside from social cues, if you stay longer does that mean you’re more available for opportunities that come along after hours? Or does it look like you’re inefficient since you’re not getting work done during the actual day itself?

Bruce Tulgan, founder of management research firm Rainmaker Thinking and author of It’s Okay to Be the Boss, told the newspaper, “The people who get ahead aren’t the people who go home. The hero is the one who stays in the office the longest.” Read more

NewsCred Chief Executive Talks About Irrational Optimism

love my jobThis “Corner Office” interview in The New York Times caught our eye. In particular, Shafqat Islam, chief executive of content marketing platform NewsCred, dished about “irrational optimism.”

In particular, maybe that’s because we’re immersed in winter and feel a sense of pessimism; his quotes boosted our spirits. And who wouldn’t want to immerse themselves in an environment with other optimists?

He told the newspaper:

“I always talk about this notion of irrational optimism. Certainly as an entrepreneur, but almost in any form of work, I feel like you need to be irrationally optimistic about barriers you can break through, or things you can get accomplished, or projects that you can deliver in a certain amount of time.” Read more

Tired of Networking? Try Sweat-Working, New Twist on ‘Working’ the Room

workout2If you like to work out and you’re oh-so-done with networking mixers, sweat-working may be for you.

Here’s how it works — instead of creating business connections at a restaurant or bar by ingesting calories, you’ll burn them off together instead. Read more

Top Journalism Conferences for Students & Educators to Attend in 2014

mikeIn case you’re looking to ramp up that Rolodex (sidebar: does anyone really use a traditional one anymore?), look no further.

Dan Reimold of College Media Matters compiled a list of “the most indispensable, regional, national and international conferences in 2014 for individuals practicing, teaching, advising and studying journalism.” Read more

Job Seekers Think Outside the Cubicle With Gimmicks to Get Noticed

lightbulb1If you’ve hit the last straw in your job search, you may be among the number of candidates who resort to gimmicks.

Consider this — a job seeker sent a rather large box to his potential employer, One Fine Stay. The company sets up short-term accommodations in luxury homes and according to The Wall Street Journal, a queen-size pillow was nestled inside the box.

But that’s not all. A 24 by 33-inch resume was attached to the pillow. Although no one at the company can remember the candidate’s name, they can remember his moniker: “Pillow Guy.” Read more

‘Ciao Italia’ Host Dishes Career Success at Sun WineFest: ‘All Those Things Were Like Minestrone Soup’

Sun Winefest 14In the spirit of getting inspired, we checked in with Mary Ann Esposito, the host of Ciao Italia, before her appearance at Mohegan Sun’s annual Sun WineFest this past weekend in Uncasville, Conn.

Considering her show has been on the air for 25 years making it the longest running cooking show in television history, there’s a lot we can learn from the multi-tasking Esposito.

And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the festivities surrounding the interview and the other notable chefs who are also the definition of personal branding and talent. Whether it was the mozzarella demonstration by Todd English or the animated discussion surrounding halibut by Food Network star Robert Irvine, there’s so much to learn from chefs in the top of their field in the classy ballroom, a beautiful respite from a wintry weekend. Yes, it’s about food but ultimately it’s about their stories. Personalities, persistence, drive. Read more

Four Career Tips From Mount Everest Climber

mountainsWe refuse to live and work in a silo. After all, who would choose to block out the world?

That’s why we get inspired by all different walks of life. Meet Adrian Ballinger, CEO/founder and lead guide of Alpenglow Expeditions. He’s the only climber ever to reach three 8,000-meter peak summits in less than a month. That means he climbed Mount Everest twice and Lhotse once!

(We’re beginning to feel like major slackers. But anyway…)

We figure Ballinger knows a thing or two about goal setting and achieving lofty ambitions no matter how high (okay, bad pun, we know!). Read more

Three Keys to Starting a Side Gig While Working Full-Time

happy signWho wants to make more money and brand yourself separately from your day job? The question is more like who doesn’t want to do that, right?

According to a post on Forbes, there are a few key ways to effectively start your passion project on the side.  Whether you’re looking for happiness and satisfaction or extra cash rolling in or all of the above, it’s all good.

Per the post, Kimberly Palmer, author of The Economy of You: Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur and Recession-Proof Your Life, dished three important tips. Read more

What’s Your Productivity Hack? One Executive Says 4 a.m. is the Key

work from homeLinkedIn’s latest Influencer series got us thinking. What’s your productivity hack? Does it entail tackling the most challenging item first on your list? Limiting phone calls and messages until the afternoon? Creating clear boundaries between your work and home lives or intertwining them instead? Waking up at the crack of dawn?

Sallie Krawcheck, business leader at 85 Broads, mentions in her post the “most precious commodity in business is time.” The executive has discovered her highest peaks of productivity occur in the early morning. And we do mean early. Read more