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Five Ways to Boost Your Productivity in the Morning

yogaIf you want to be more productive, raise your hand! Maybe that’s because you’ve just had your umpteenth cup of coffee for the afternoon and it feels like the afternoon is in slow motion.

Why not try a few new things tomorrow morning? Perfect timing for a Friday. And if all goes well, you can challenge yourself to five full days of productivity boosters next week.

According to a piece on U.S. News & World Report, there are a few ways we can change things up in our morning routine to bolster output before noon. Read more

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Mediabistro Job Fair

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Four Types of People to Avoid Being at the Office

menandwomenjpgAccording to our friends at Brazen Careerist, there are a few types of people at the office you don’t want to be.

1. The good-old-days guy or gal. Are you surrounded by people (or even one person) who constantly talks about the good ol’ days? Do they rely on nostalgia to get them through the day? Maybe that’s because he or she wants you to know how long they’ve been working there and subliminally, how resistant they are to change.

So, if you are this person, the piece suggests asking yourself if you resist change in your work environment. If so, ask questions to gain further insight and identify benefits to a new process. In turn, this will help you adapt to the change. Read more

Samsung’s Fictional Show Features Employees

samsungIf you think you work with a bunch of clowns (and we say that with highest praise), seriously you’re not alone. In a comedy sense, of course.

Per Mashable, Samsung’s set to debut six episodes of a part-musical, part-comedy in Korea. The show follows a member of K-pop group Girl’s Day as a Samsung employee. The show will also feature other young Koreans looking to work for the company.

According to the piece, it’s like Friends meets Glee meets a Samsung showroom. The fictional sitcom, The Best Future, will air on YouTube.

How to Answer One-Way Video Interview Questions

videoWelcome to the video interview! No, we’re not talking about Skype. Instead, we’re talking about a one-way video in which candidates answer employer questions with short video answers.

According to a post on recruiting forum ERE, there are a few key questions most employers will ask. And they’re not always looking for the answer itself. They’re often looking to see if you’ll be a cultural fit. Whether it’s in real time or prerecorded, there are a few ways to be prepared. For starters, it helps to anticipate what you’ll be asked.

Here are some of the questions… Read more

The EEOC Hones in on Social Media for Discrimination

new_twitter_logoThis just in…when an employer relies on Twitter, Facebook and social media sites to recruit, is it going to be liable for age discrimination? What if older people are simply less likely to rely on computers for their job search than younger people?

The Wall Street Journal pointed out cases heard at an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission hearing last week. Essentially they looked at the use of social media by employees, job seekers and employers who follow them. How can social media usage impact the enforcement of employment discrimination laws? Read more

New Survey Reveals Most Workers Take Short Lunch Breaks

Brown_Bag_LunchIf you’re eating a sandwich at your desk right now with one hand grasping the food while the other one’s navigating a mouse, you’re not alone.

That’s because a new survey released by OfficeTeam reveals almost half of workers indicated their lunch break lasts less than 30 minutes. More than 42 percent revealed they spend their lunchtime socializing with colleagues and 29 percent admitted they work right through their lunch break. Others mentioned the surf social media during this time, catch up on personal calls, run errands or exercise/take a walk. Read more

How To Hone Your Specialty As A Freelance Writer

specializingHaving a specialty as writer is a huge advantage in the cutthroat world of freelancing. It can help distinguish you from you peers and create new work opportunities for you to showcase your skills.

Establishing your expertise is key to developing your reputation. It’s also important to make sure the community is aware of your work. Veteran freelancers agree that in order to do that, networking with other writers is key:

Getting your name and face out into the world can be intimidating, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to do it. Start by having your byline out there, Rae Francoeur operater of the New Arts Collaborative suggests. Also, consider writer’s conferences, book expos and blog conventions. Camilla McLaughlin, a real estate writer, connects with local editors and homeowners and attends trade shows to keep her finger on the pulse of real estate.

To hear more tips on how to enhance your writing career, including when you should decline a gig, read: Growing Your Writing Career By Becoming A Specialist.

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Got Trust? Questions to Ask Yourself When Trusting Colleagues

Got trust? It’s something that needs to be built, right? And respected.

So, how can you trust a colleague you don’t truly know yet? According to a post on Psychology Today, there are several questions you should ask yourself first.

After all, as Nan S. Russell points out in the piece, the notion of trusting someone you don’t know yet feels a bit uneasy. The kind of authentic trust you want to have at work comes with risk. Here are a few questions to ponder…

How important is this task, issue, project? What’s at stake for me if it fails or something goes wrong? What’s at stake for the other person?

What checks and balances or safety nets are currently in place to mitigate my risk? If there aren’t any, what can I do to limit risk and increase my sense of security? Read more

ESPN Announces Lay Offs

ESPN is cutting its staff for the first time since 2009, reports Deadspin. One tipster indicated more than 400 staffers were going to be impacted but a source at the sports network indicated that number’s on the high side but it seems to be in the hundreds.

Per Deadspin, their official statement reads:

“We are implementing changes across the company to enhance our continued growth while smartly managing costs. While difficult, we are confident that it will make us more competitive, innovative and productive.” Read more

Video Sparks What It Feels Like to be a Freelancer

As soon as we saw this video posted by our friends at Freelancer’s Union, we simply had to share. It’s dedicated to all the freelancers out their who shake their heads and nod in agreement.

Created by Docracy which apparently has all sorts of free (yes, let’s repeat it and say in unison: “FREE!”) documents, this video pretty much sums up being an assertive freelancer.

Seems innocent enough, right? Sitting in a park, a young lady poses as a boss and promises to dole out five bucks in exchange for a simple drawing…until that is, she doesn’t.

In other words, hashtag it: #getpaidnotplayed.