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Workplace Issues

How to Convince Your Colleague to Declutter That Desk

messy deskIf you’ve ever walked by a colleague’s messy desk, you’re not alone. You may simply look the other way but what happens when you share that workspace?

Per a piece in The Wall Street Journal, there are a few ways to tactfully deal with the mess which you have indirectly inherited. Read more

Let the March Madness Begin! New Survey Reveals Who’s Most Likely to Participate in Office Pools

NCAAAh, it’s that time of year again. Sure, the first day of spring infuses a sigh of relief into many exhausted wintry commuters but today’s also a sign that the annual NCAA basketball tournament is in full effect.

So, naturally this brings us to talking about office pools. Per a new CareerBuilder survey, one in five workers have participated in a March Madness office pool.

Apparently, people in management are most likely to participate in office pools related to the tournament. Directors, managers and team leaders are most likely to participate whereas entry level and administrative workers are least likely to participate. Read more

The Key Ingredient to Negotiating Your Next Salary: Simply Ask

money bagsWhen we used to work in recruiting, we always used to cringe when we extended a job offer and the candidate excitedly accepted on the spot.

“Don’t you have any questions?” I would inquire. “Are you sure there isn’t something else you want to find out?” I would prod.

Ho hum, the answer was typically no. If they only knew they were leaving money on the table! Hiring managers often told me what amount I would be able to go up to and if there was an issue, there was typically sign-on bonus money available, too.

That’s why this piece from really resonated. Read more

Author of ‘Show Your Work’ Shares Three Secrets to Success

megaphoneWant to get noticed? Seriously, who doesn’t, right?

Austin Kleon, the author of Show Your Work, shared some tips to getting noticed in Metro newspapers.

For starters, he suggests sharing something small every day. Be useful to other people.

He reveals to the newspaper:

“Some of the writers I follow [online] share their favorite sentence that they read every day. Or an artist will just share a page from their sketchbook. Little bits and pieces you can share every day that kind of put yourself out there and keep people up to date with what you’re doing. It’s kind of like if a filmmaker will share the DVD extras – the deleted scenes and the directors commentaries – while they were still making the movie.” Read more

Interviews? Check. Thank-You Notes? Check. So Why Aren’t You Landing The Job?

noCongratulations! You’ve made it through the gatekeepers to land a coveted job interview. Not only that, you landed another one. And another one. And sent those thank-you notes.

And bam. Rejection letter arrives several weeks later. What’s the deal?

According to a piece in today’s New York Post, there may be signals that you’re not picking up during the interview itself. Read more

Will Robots Replace Retail Workers? One Expert Thinks So

robotEverything feels like it’s becoming more automated, doesn’t it? Well, if you currently supplement your income with a retail gig, you won’t want to miss this nugget of insight.

Per a piece on Business Insider, retail workers are most at risk to becoming replaced by robots. Yes, we said robots. As much as technology makes our lives easier, it also downsizes humans.

Doug Stephens, author of The Retail Revival: Re-Imagining Business for the New Age of Consumerism, told the site he anticipates Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, Target and other retailers to make “a very concerted effort” to pursue robots within the next three to five years. Read more

New Research Study Says Busy Work is Actually Satisfying

cubiclesIf you’ve ever fought against mindless activities which waste time like deleting messages, it may be time to accept them.

That’s because new research says people are actually happiest at work when they’re not working on anything challenging.

Wait, what?

The study was conducted by the University of California-Irvine with Microsoft Research and looked at how employees’ mood and attention spans change after performing activities at the office such as responding to emails or checking Facebook. Read more

Whole Foods Lets Employees Look Up Everyone’s Salaries Plus Bonuses

moneyHave you ever wondered what your boss earns? The boss’s boss? Your colleagues? The guy in marketing you occasionally work with?

Well, if you work for supermarket chain Whole Foods, this is all completely transparent. Per a report on Fox News, the company says the policy creates openness. In turn, it creates competition.

The average hourly rate is $19 and the average annual salary is $39,000.

What do you think? Should your employer post everyone’s salaries or should that be confidential? Will you work harder as a result or become resentful? Hmmm…

How to Position Yourself For a Promotion When You Work From Home

vision2If you work from home on a daily basis, this post’s for you.

Although you don’t have to deal with an arduous commute, you may be clocking more hours on the job than if you jaunted to the office each and every day.

A study cited in The New York Times revealed their employees who telecommuted were 13 percent more productive than their counterparts who worked in offices.

Get this — they were also half as likely to get promoted! In the study, 250 home-based employees were happier in general, at the end of the day 50 percent asked to return to an office due to loneliness. Plus, they felt a lack of career advancement at home.

According to a piece in Business Insider, there are a few strategies to implement if you’re content with working from home and want to simultaneously climb the ranks. Read more

For Ban Bossy Campaign, Beyonce Says: ‘I’m Not Bossy. I’m the Boss’

Say it, sister!

You may have heard about a new campaign launched by Lean In author and Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg. In conjunction with former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, and Girl Scouts USA CEO, Anna Maria Chávez, the “Ban Bossy” campaign has officially launched.

“We call girls bossy on the playground,” Sandberg told ABC News. “We call them too aggressive or other B-words in the workplace. They’re bossy as little girls, and then they’re aggressive, political, shrill, too ambitious as women.”

The site provides tips for parents, kids, teachers and managers to build young female leaders. Celebrities like Beyonce, Jennifer Garner and Jane Lynch are on board as well in public service announcements to banish this word. Read more