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Archives: January 2010

Week In Cartoons, MJD’s Most Popular Posts, More

Our Friday cartoon returns, and we couldn’t be happier! This is what being a freelancer with hell-clients can do to you:

By Sarah Kaufman (portfolio) – used with permisssion.

The week’s most popular posts:
Jobs Of The Day: Google & More

Jobs Of The Day: KidzBop VP, Google (Again), Meredith, More

Our Favorite Clients From Hell

Review: ‘How Can I Change Careers?’ Worth Its Salt

Jobs Of The Day: Ever Wanted To Work For This American Life?

Dow Jones Restructures, Four To Leave The Company

And we almost forgot to give a nod to our comment of the week! This from “Exquisito”, on the wannabe copywriter who’s trading volunteer work for informational interviews:

I’d feel terrible if sometin was ta happen to da bums downa shelter cuz I wasn’t der ta help out, ya know?… if youz ta gimme a job or sometin, maybe we can work sometin out…

Mediabistro Course

Mediabistro Job Fair

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Jobs Of The Day: Stone Lions Redux

nypl stone lion
flickr: nickdotreid

What we just said in our very last post has proved to be totally true. See, the New York Public Library, just three months after posting an ad on our board looking for a manager of public relations, now is seeking a public relations assistant. And as usual, we’ve compiled even more job listings for you.
Harvey & Daughters Inc needs a director of client services.
Macfadden Performing Arts Media seeks a freelance copyeditor/proofreader/factchecker.
Hersam Acorn Newspapers is seeking a general assignment reporter.
MSNBC has an open position: a freelance producer.
LEGO Company needs a senior usability analyts.
Scholastic is seeking a director of corporate communications and media relations. has an open position: an interactive managing editor. seeks a producer and writer.
MAG America wants a marketing manager.
McGraw-Hill Construction seeks a director of media sales.
AOL is hiring a creative producer.
The Newspaper Association of America is hiring a vice president of communications.
Williams & Williams is hiring a writer/producer.
Emory University is hiring an assistant director of news and information.
The Watertown Daily Times is hiring a state editor.
TBC Advertising needs a broadcast media buyer.
Conde Nast Digital wants a senior manager of online PR.

Every day we scour major job boards, including, but not limited to’s listings, to find the best media jobs out there. We screen out duplicates and scams so you know you’re only receiving the top choices.

Executive Job Growth, At Least, On The Rise

Almost four in ten executive recruiters say hiring will improve by the end of the first quarter, while 64 percent say it will improve in the next six months, according to ExecuNet’s latest Recruiter Confidence Index, released yesterday.

More than half (56 percent) see client companies “trading up” by hiring new people to replace underperformers, and only three percent report that clients are still eliminating senior management jobs.

Doesn’t make the rank and file feel much better, but this may be a precursor to job growth among lower levels. As they say, when there’s a new sheriff in town, he’s going to need some new deputies.

Active Vs. Passive Debate Continues: What This Means For Jobseekers

Via Fistful of Talent, the recruiting divide between active (looking for a job) and passive (if you call me, I might work for you, maybe) candidates is continuing to be an issue for those on the street sending out resumes right now.

The mentality, even after so many qualified people have been laid off through no fault of their own, is that people still employed are still higher-quality.

None of that is news, but Dawn Hrdlica at Fistful of Talent says that one thing’s now clear: “The companies you want to work for, (forward thinking, cutting edge, employee friendly) are proving to the C-Suite that the time it takes to cull the passive candidate is a better return on the investment than the quickly attained active candidate…The biggest advantage active candidates have is immediate accessibility. Typically the active candidate is one who is either unemployed or is so disengaged from their current job they are ready and willing to follow a recruiting process on the company’s terms. They can interview on demand, they can start tomorrow, the recruiter says jump and…you know the rest. If quick accessibility is not a primary driver for the companies you want to work for anymore, you have lost your ace-in-the-hole.”

But here’s the good news. Hrdlica’s riffing off a Workforce article profiling a company with a highly-selective recruiting process (only 1/10 of applicants that get to the interview stage actually get a job offer). This company gets mostly passive candidates, yes, but it also has a 36 percent hire rate from referrals.

Hrdlica says: “Passive recruiting…is really a hybrid version of referral recruiting. Why? Both types are based around a relationship being formed before the hiring process.”

So if you need a job, those relationships are more important than ever.

Creative Job Applications On The Rise

People are getting more and more creative (or is that desperate?) to get a foot in the door. Thanks, economy. Thanks, dying industries.

There was the girl who, last summer, bought a Facebook ad to try to get into publishing (she became a book publicist, then quit to be a freelancer and enroll in culinary school, proving that sometimes what you think you want isn’t what you really want…or something). There was

Now we bring you two more creative job applications: Thomas Pardee, 22, wants to work for Hearst. Or maybe it’s Condé Nast. Anyway, he did the Facebook ad thing and has gotten 130 clicks on his ad, which leads to his LinkedIn page. He’s got an impressive resume and should go far, but we have one issue with what he told The Big Money: “I want to be a magazine editor. I am in no way terribly picky about which magazine I will be working for.”

Free advice, Mr. Pardee: That may be totally true, but companies are going to want to see passion and specificity. Narrow it down, dude.

The second creative application we wanted to highlight comes from a dude who wants to be a content marketing manager at a Boston-based marketing software company called HubSpot. (Now that’s specific!) Yifei Zhang has a nontraditional background, which doesn’t look so great on a resume, so he bought the domain name and has been blogging there since January 1.

His very first post attracted the notice of three HubSpot employees, including one of the company’s co-founders. Nice!

When Zhang was invited to tour the company, he recorded his tour and blogged that, too. After less than a month, he has three job options, one of which, yes, is with Hubspot.

So how do you feel about these sorts of things? Creepy? Invasive? Clever? We gotta note that Zhang’s first video includes a copy of HubSpot’s book displayed prominently in the background. Over the top or not?

Webinars For HR Folk

You must know the drill by now: If you’re in HR or recruiting, click below to see upcoming webinars to help you do your job more efficiently.

Interesting Idea: JobNob’s Happy Hour Connects Cash-Strapped Startups With Eager Workers

happy_hour_3.gifJobNob is a job board created “to empower employees with real information about jobs and companies.” Whatever that means to you, at JobNob it appears to mean “we list salaries.”

But the company is also holding a happy hour for NYC-based workers on Tuesday, February 9. And at that happy hour, they’re exploring “alternative compensation.”

See, startups can’t always afford to hire someone expensive, but you need a job, and you want to work on something big. Everyone at the happy hour is going to be flexible on pay: reduced rates, equity, internships, part time, etc. Maybe you can work out a deal.

It’s free for both jobseekers and companies. And there are two more happy hours: one next Tuesday, Feb 2 for Palo Alto workers and one Feb. 24 for Chicago-area jobseekers. If you go to one of these, let us know how it works out for you!

Ad Rebound Coming? | Make My Resume ‘Sing’ | More Stuff That Happened Yesterday

Jobs Of The Day: CP+B’s Analytics Director

We’re leading with this ad from Crispin Porter + Bogusky: the company wants a digital analytics director. Why? Because we just posted about this yesterday. And because you’re supposed to repeat things three times to get people to remember them. And because we want you to know that omg there are jobs out there. Omg indeed.

Here are some more, in fact!

Discovery Communications is hiring a publicity assistant.
Hemming | Gilman Productions wants a creative writer (for a three-month stint).
Peter Mayer Advertising is hiring a group creative director.
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia wants a digital brand director to fill in for an employee on maternity leave.
The University of Washington needs a communications specialist.
The Environmental Defense Fund is seeking an online editor.
The Archer Group has an open position: a interactive project manager.
Goddard Claussen seeks a copywriter.
The American Pharmacists Association is seeking a manager of external communications. is looking for an email marketing manager.
The Athens Banner-Herald is looking for a regional reporter.
The Berman Group has an open position: a PR writer for clients in construction and real estate.
Nightclub & Bar, a Questex trade pub, has an open position: an associate editor.
Dine Private has an open position: a director of marketing.
The Black Hills Weekly Group, three weekly newspapers in South Dakota, is hiring a reporter.
Springer Science + Business Media is hiring an editorial project manager.
Capital News 9 has an open position: a producer.

Every day we scour major job boards, including, but not limited to’s listings, to find the best media jobs out there. We screen out duplicates and scams so you know you’re only receiving the top choices. To Make First Foray Out Of Tri-State Area; Jobs For DC Reporters, the hyperlocal journalism venture Aol bought last year, is expanding like gangbusters.

In June of last year, Patch had presence in three New Jersey towns. Now there are 15 New Jersey Patches, eleven in New York, and five in Connecticut. Each site is run by one local, on-the-ground, do-it-all reporter—they blog, report, shoot pictures and video, and Tweet.

We’ve just confirmed with Patch editor-in-chief Brian Farnham that the site is soon expanding to the DC area.

If you’re looking for a reporting job in the DC area (or are willing to relocate), send a note to If you’re curious about the type of people Patch hires, you can’t go wrong with Silicon Alley Insider’s roundup of current Patch editors. Most of them are young, but have impressive resumes. We have heard rumors—just rumors, mind you—that the starting salary for a Patch reporter is around $40k..not bad for a startup.