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Archives: February 2010

Most Popular Stories On MediaJobsDaily Last Week, And Your Comments

Happy Friday, everyone! Here are the top five stories on MediaJobsDaily this past week:

Another Reason You Can’t Get A Reference On LinkedIn
Demand Studios Announces Premium Plan For Highest-Rated Writers
Freelancers: Pricing A Project
Another Plea For News Orgs To Stop Laying Off Copy Editors
Becomed Organizes Your Job Search

Top comments of the week—what’s that you say? More than one? Yes, this week we’re featuring two commenters, one on each side of the Demand Studios debate:

First is hoguey, who wrote:

If a writer could bang out two of these “greater word count” pieces in a single day, he or she would earn $160, or $20 an hour ($20 x 8 hours), which is about $8.00 less an hour than the average GM auto worker earns (toss in the cost of an auto worker’s yummy benefits, which of course the writer has NONE of, and the hourly tab shoots up to about $70). Point? You make less writing than building cars and with no benefits. Now THAT’S dedication.

Then comes Carynmurray, who wrote:

I think it’s wonderful for those top earners. While I agree that $15 isn’t great pay per article, that’s why I just don’t write for them. It’s that simple guys. Nobody who is over qualified would settle for that rate, but that rate is fair for those who are qualified for a $15/article rate.
I will also add that it’s also based on perspective. If you can pump out 2 articles a day, you should find another profession! It isn’t rocket science to write a ‘How To’ tutorial on something you know well, hence 2 or 3 articles an hour is more likely. That equates to about $45 an hour for a lot of the speedy writers, without affecting quality. The bottom line is, why complain? Most freelance assignments pay based on the overall value of each individual assignment. So if you’re competing against low wage writers… focus on the better paying assignments that require more skills!

All we know for sure is that we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Demand Studios and its brethren online.

Now go enjoy your snowy weekend!

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Jobs Of The Day: The Met’s Hiring

metropolitan museum of art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art seeks an associate web developer. If you get an interview here, lie and tell them you’ve always paid full price for admission; hopefully they won’t look up your credit card statement to see that you once tried to pay a penny. Hey, it is pay what you can over there, right?

More gigs:
Wahida Clark Presents Publishing seeks a publicist. is looking for a celebrity blogger.
Mergers & Acquisitions Journal seeks a reporter.
DailyCandy wants a promotions editor.
Wingstop Restaurants is looking for a field marketing consultant.
Dow Jones’ is looking for an online editor.
Time Inc is seeking a marketing manager.
SourceMedia is seeking an online production manager.
Earth Wind & Power Blogazine needs a web designer and blogger intern.
The Taunton Press has an open position: a research manager.
Swanson Russell is seeking an account supervisor.
The American Association for Cancer Research is looking for a director of science communications.
SmartBrief seeks freelance newsletter writers.
Buckeye CableSystem is hiring an ad sales research specialist.
Ypartnership seeks a digital media director.
JMI/Practice Advancement Associates needs a managing editor.
PainePR is seeking a client service manager.
MDHub is looking for a sales marketing manager.
Goldberg & Osborne Law Offices is hiring a creative writer/commercial production specialist.

Every day we scour major job boards, including, but not limited to’s listings, to find the best media jobs out there. We screen out duplicates and scams so you know you’re only receiving the top choices.

photo:David Paul Ohmer

Why You Should Never Give Up In Publishing

“Being a published author” isn’t exactly a “job” but it’s something we all dream of. (Or is your humble blogger the only one with dreams of literary stardom? We think not.) So we read with great interest the story of Jacob Appel, who has been published in a bazillion prestigious literary journals but has racked up 11,100 rejections along the way.

More than one hundred prestigious journals said yes; others said “Please don’t send your work to us ever again.” Still another rejection slip read: “Dear Mr. Appel: Do not consider this note of rejection specific to this story. Consider it a preemptive rejection of anything else that you are thinking of sending our way. The Editors.” And yet he’s writing for the love of it and getting published.

Whatever, though. He still doesn’t have this dude beat.

QR Codes On Your Resume: Gimmick Or Strategy?

Would you put a two-dimensional barcode (also known as a QR code) on your resume or business card? Would you scan one?

Our first instinct was to dismiss this as a gimmicky job-hunting strategy, but Joe Grimm talked to quite a few people who thought these were a good idea.

(If you’re lost at this point, read this and then come back.)

“Having it on your business card is very interesting because you’re handing those out person to person and it is generally a conversation starter,” Yvette Walker, a former recruiter, told Grimm. “It would make you look like you know what is going on.”

The director of interactive media at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, one of the first US papers to use QR codes, said he would “certainly” pay attention to a resume that displayed one of these codes, and at least one copy editor and page designer says the code on his business card helped him land a job by making him look forward-thinking and tech-savvy.

What we also didn’t know is how easy it is to generate your own: you can visit a number of free sites (like and just punch in whatever URL you want. Then anyone snapping a picture of your card or resume will be taken to your Linkedin profile, your online portfolio, or a Rickrolling video–whatever you prefer. Try this one. It’s not Rick Astley but we’re sure you’ll enjoy it.


Laid Off? Prepare For Your Kids To Turn Into Assholes, Says ‘Emotional Intelligence’ Expert

bratz brat spoiled doll dress

An ‘emotional intelligence’ expert says that if you’ve lost your job, it’s your duty to help your family cope with your loss. (First of all, what the heck is an emotional intelligence expert? Maybe our EQ isn’t high enough to understand this but didn’t these people once go by “therapist” or “psychologist” or something?)

Er, anyway…this expert says, quite rightly, that if you lose your job, your family is going to be stressed out too. But then she goes on to say that you’ve got to be especially careful with your kids because “most children are egocentric.”

And on: “For example, if ‘Mom’ loses her job, a teenager’s main concern may be that ‘Mom’ won’t have the money to buy her a prom dress. Such situations are difficult for both the family and the job seeker, all of whom are trying to cope with the changes in the financial situation and lifestyle.”

You know what we think? We think that if you’ve lost your job you have the RIGHT to be stressed out, especially if your kids are such jerks that all they can think about is prom dresses.

photo: *Saffy*

Make Your References Work For You

Okay, we have been doing it wrong our whole lives: Did you know you were supposed to prep your job search references? In excruciating detail?

Sure, we’ve e-mailed former bosses saying “Hey, you might get a call from so-and-so because I applied for a job at yadda yadda.” But apparently that’s wrong.

“No prep. No conversation. No idea who will be calling or what position they are interviewing for. No Nothing! No Way! WAY….That’s job search suicide in my opinion,” writes Tim Tolan at Fistful of Talent.

What you SHOULD do:
* Tell them why you are calling and ask for help
* Explain the role you are interviewing for and some information about the company/culture
* Ask for permission to use them as a reference and discuss why you want this job
* Say who will be calling and when (general time-frame)
* Thank them for their help and promise to follow-up later
* Follow-up and provide an update on the status
* Send them a personal e-mail or a hand written Thank You card for their help

References. Prep ‘em WELL, thank ‘em. And nail your job offer.

Gannett Sells Honolulu Advertiser; Layoffs To Come?

honolulu_advertiser.pngGannett Co. (GCI) has announced it’s selling the Honolulu Advertiser to its chief rival, Oahu Publications, which owns the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

The deal will close in the second quarter of 2010.

It doesn’t sound as if the papers will be merged, at least not immediately, but it’s unlikely that Oahu Publications will continue to pour resources into two competing products. In fact, John Temple, who saw his newspaper the Rocky Mountain News go under almost exactly one year ago today, calls the news a “death knell” for the Advertiser.

We don’t know yet whether the staffs will be merged or whether there will be layoffs.
Update: According to Editor & Publisher, there will definitely be layoffs if and when the papers merge.

Oahu Publications’ parent company is Black Press, which acquired the Akron Beacon Journal in 2006 and promptly laid off a quarter of the staff.

Source: The Star-Bulletin

BNET Names New Eds | Duluth Workers Picket In Protest | More Stuff That Happened Yesterday

Jobs Of The Day: Pretty Sure Ralph Himself Isn’t Updating His Facebook

ralph lauren fragranceWant to teach Ralph Lauren to Tweet? 360i works with Fortune 500 clients like MTV, NBC, H&R Block, and of course Ralph Lauren to help them navigate social media marketing. And they’re hiring: they want a social marketing strategist.
And of course, more jobs:
The Rome News-Tribune seeks a night breaking news reporter.
Social Media Link is looking for a senior community manager.
Covidien has an open position: a manager of marketing communications.
Metro Boston Newspaper wants a news reporter.
Situation Interactive has an open position: an interactive project manager.
Sushisamba is seeking a marketing assistant/writer.
The Jackson Citizen Patriot is seeking an education reporter. is seeking a music intern.
Razorfish has an open position: a senior designer.
Medical Marketing and Media seeks an editorial and sales assistant.
Horizon Hobby needs a VP / CMO.
Farrar, Straus & Giroux is hiring a contracts associate.
Kirvin Doak Communications is looking for a food and beverage PR account coordinator.
The Washington Post Express seeks an arts and entertainment editor/writer.
Babel PR is hiring a PR account director.
The New York County District Attorney’s office is seeking a press secretary.
The Princeton Daily Clarion is seeking a general assignment reporter.
The Knot’s has an open position: an editorial assistant.

Every day we scour major job boards, including, but not limited to’s listings, to find the best media jobs out there. We screen out duplicates and scams so you know you’re only receiving the top choices.

Time Management In The Job Search: How To Do Everything (Hint: You Can’t)

roulette wheel

“If my hours were roulette chips,” writes Steve McConaughey, a former marketing director who’s been looking for work since his position was eliminated, “I would place most of them on the networking squares. I would place several others on the squares representing various Internet job sites and those of specific companies in which I am interested. I would place a few on the squares for writing cover letters and tailoring resumes to specific opportunities…”

He’s got a strategy down, clearly. Or he did.

Some of his networking turned into paid consulting gigs, which could lead to full-time work. So he wants to do a good job on these projects, but every hour at work on a project that could disappear tomorrow is an hour he’s not spending meeting people or building his brand.

It is a lot like gambling. There’s the safe bet—billable hours— or the more risky bet of blogging, networking, and visiting job sites. And don’t forget the double-zero, which is probably some monkey wrench you’ve never thought of—cuz the house ALWAYS wins.

We thought about that while reading this post by Abby Schoffman, currently an intern at PR firm Peppercom. She lists four ways to develop your brand online: Tweet, follow industry blogs, start your own blog of course, and keep your LinkedIn up to date. Nothing groundbreaking, but this stuff takes time.

So you gamble. You decide that Twitter offers a better ROI on your job search than your blog, or that consulting should only take up half your day at most. And then you wonder: what if?

photo: Lady AnnDerground