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Archives: October 2012

The Power of Social Media: Campaign Manager Resigns After Posting Fake Tweets

When we read about this story on JimRomenesko, we couldn’t believe our eyes. And then once we started to digest the information, it brought up a variety of employment-related questions.

First, as for the scoop: Amidst Hurricane Sandy, @comfortablysmug was infiltrating the Twitterverse with frightening and false information about conditions in NYC. Not underestimating the power of social media, it spread very quickly onto news broadcasts before officials could even refute it to set the record straight. Read more

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Mediabistro Job Fair

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Four Tips For Resume Writing in an Online Applicant Tracking System

Okay, we admit the headline makes this piece sound a bit boring but fret not! The online applicant tracking system is the database recruiters use to scour hundreds upon hundreds of resumes to find a gold mine. As in, yours.

As such, you need to make your resume not only user-friendly for potential interviewers and fit into one or two pages, yada yada, but it also needs to be database-ready for the system to pick up key words.

As per a piece in The Wall Street Journal, there are several pointers to consider… Read more

Hurricane Sandy May Impact Monthly Jobs Report

Considering Hurricane Sandy has impacted about one-fifth of Americans, according to ABC News, U.S. economic losses could range between $35 and 45 billion!

And as it may impact job seekers who are sidelined from interviews or freelancers who get paid by the gig and can’t seem to gig it due to damage, according to the report, there could perhaps be a jolt in employment activity for rebuilding efforts.

Granted, this may not exactly be in media but it will likely be in construction, telecommunications, etc. Read more

Next Issue Media So Happy With Its Numbers, It’s Expanding

Next Issue Media is signing up enough customers to make it feel like expanding its catalog even further, reports Folio:.

NIM is a subscription service/app for all-you-can-read monthly digital magazines, created by a partnership between the five biggest U.S. magazine publishers: Hearst, Conde Nast, Time Inc, Meredith, and News Corp. Last month, the service doubled the number of magazines it offers to 72. Now, a new announcement is coming, Folio: says, that will name the first magazines to be added to the catalog from outside the five main publishers.

NIM has 70,000 paying customers, and about 70 percent of the readers who sign up for the free trial convert to paying customers, Folio: said. And this is only after being available on iOS for three months. (The app has, of course, been available on Android for longer, but the tablet market is still dominated by Apple.)

Publishers are also thrilled because NIM is helping them reach new audiences. Only 3 percent of the paying customers reading a certain magazine are also print subscribers. Another 13 percent were former subscribers who’d let their print subscription expire but came back for the digital edition, and 60 percent weren’t in the publisher’s database at all.

“These are the most established brands in the world and we’re reaching new people,” NIM CEO Morgan Guenther told Folio:.

No word yet on what new titles NIM is adding to its library, but Guenther hinted to Folio: that they would be titles that appeal to men and younger readers, since the catalog skews female for now.

How Hurricane Sandy Impacts Our Productivity

First, here at MJD in New York City we hope everyone is safe and sound on the east coast as a result of the wrath of Hurricane Sandy.

As for the hurricane itself or any natural disaster that forces you to work from home and rightly so (after all, nothing is more important than your safety), how does that impact productivity? Considering all mass transit is shut down today many east coasters are working remotely.

Read more

Chief Executive Bans Internal Emails for One Week, Productivity Surges!

Shayne Hughes, chief executive of Learning as Leadership did the unthinkable. He announced to his staff that all internal email was forbidden for an entire week!

Here’s why: Realizing internal emails equate to 50 to 75 percent of all traffic, reviewing, responding and managing, they consume large chunks of time for employees.

Plus, in a Forbes post Hughes argues it’s not even the best medium for communication. Read more

Have You Seen The New LinkedIn?

This happened *before* Zombiecane struck, but since people don’t tend to check their LinkedIn profiles often, you may have missed this: LinkedIn has put out a major update to its profiles.

The new profiles, according to LinkedIn’s blog, have a more visual-forward design that “helps you make a powerful first impression and showcase your skills and accomplishments.” The profiles also show you “rich and visual insights on the people and companies in your network” as well as moving contacts’ status updates higher on the page.

To request that your profile be converted over to the new design, visit this link. The new profiles are definitely prettier, but we wonder how LinkedIn’s purportedly staid, traditional audience will take the changes.

Presidential Political Debates in the Office? Just Say No

We’re getting down to the wire now! With merely one week to go in the election, there’s no doubt your Facebook feeds are blowing up and watercooler buzz is focusing on the candidates.

As per a piece in today’s New York Post, if someone doesn’t give up on their questions and is relentless in getting you to respond to their questions about the issues, ask them a question back.

Nicole Williams, NYC-based career expert explained, “You know they have an opinion, or else they wouldn’t be asking you the question.” Read more

Simon & Schuster Compresses Imprints & Lays Off Employees

We despise writing about layoffs on a Friday afternoon, really we do but it must be done.

According to The New York Post, Simon & Schuster compressed its imprints this week into four main groups. As for the result? They laid off less than 10 people. Read more

Author of ‘Risky is the New Safe’ Recommends Being Your Own Sports Agent in Your Career

Wondering how to stand out in the job market? Randy Gage, author of Risky is the New Safe, recommends being your own sports agent.

He told us, “The most sought-after currency in the new economy will be ideas.  People who nurture their critical thinking skills will be able to declare as ‘free agents’ much like sports stars do now.  The savvy companies will be those with HR departments that create the best free agent acquisition packages, attracting the brightest talent.” Read more